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Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Early 2019

Posted on 29 May 2019

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Early 2019 - NYX ECIGS

Over the years, there have been many strides towards conceiving the definitive “best tank”. And while this is an impossible endeavor, many do not stop trying! From the machinery, airflow, flavor production, resistance to leakage, and aesthetic, many companies undergo trial by fire, releasing multitudes of product that attempt to excel at all the facets that make a great tank.

However, as a beginner vaper, it might be a daunting task attempting to figure out among which, of the many, is the best tank to suit your needs. What tank(s) produce the most vapor? Flavor? Have the longest coil life? So many tanks attempt tackling these questions from many different angles that it’s hard for a beginner to discern what’s great and what’s chaff.

To make it as easy as possible, here are the current best tanks (as of the writing of this blog) we offer that set themselves apart from the crowd!

*In no particular order*­­­


Falcon King – HorizonTech

Horizontech Falcon King Tank - NYX ECIGS

To many of you, it is no surprise that the Falcon King is the first one on our list. The Falcon King is

an oddity, in that, in terms of statistics, is a 9/10 in nearly every single category. It performs even better

than its predecessor and looks incredible.

First off, the machinery is top notch. One of the subtlest changes in the design is it’s automatic swivelling when unlocking the top fill cap. By having a deep throw on the button and it automatically opening while staying in place, it fixes quite a few issues that vapers experience daily. Because of the deep throw on the button and automatic opening and holding, random spillage is non-existent and refilling is less tedious. A huge quality of life improvement with this one. It’s also freaking awesome.

Just like it’s predecessor, the Falcon King is a revolutionary when it comes to flavour. Yes, various stand alone tanks offer incredible flavour, but the Falcon King’s output of flavour level throughout a long period is unparalleled in the world of sub-ohm tanks. You’ll be hard pressed to find the flavour intensity dipping even up until the second or third week. This is all in part due to their interesting method of wicking their coils with either wood pulp, flax, or bamboo fiber and using mesh as opposed to the traditional wrapping of a wire. By using these innovative methods to wick, you achieve greater heat resistance in your cotton, making them last longer and providing a cleaner transfer of juice to the coils. Also, because of the nature of mesh, there will be even heat distribution and greater surface area, reducing the speed at which your coil will burn out. You also have access to the previous set of coils on top of their new bamboo fiber coils, offering flexibility in vaping experiences.

A considerable upgrade to the original Falcon, or to any other sub-ohm tank, the Falcon King is a superior flavour making machine all the while lasting weeks upon weeks due to awe-inspiring coil life. If you’re looking for a tank that is consistent with high levels of flavour without being a slouch in the vapor production department, the Falcon King should be on your radar.


-        25.4mm Base Diameter

-        4mL Standard Juice capacity/6mL with Bubble Glass

-        Cross-Compatible Coils

-        New Coil set – Bamboo Fiber; 0.38ohm M-Dual Mesh Rated for 80W/0.16ohm M1+ Mesh Coil Rated for 75W

-        Top-Fill Rotary Design – Lock Button Mechanism

-        Triple-Slot Airflow

-        810 Drip Tip

Package Includes:

-        1 Falcon King Tank

-        1 0.38ohm M-Dual Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed)

-        1 0.16ohm M1+ Mesh Coil

-        1 Spare “Straight” Glass Tube

-        1 Spare Accessory bag

-        Instruction Manual


Crown IV - UWELL

UWELL Crown 4 Tank - NYX ECIGS

A lot of hype with this one and deservingly so. The Crown IV was highly anticipated and was expected to topple the already exceptional tank, the Crown III. Just like the Falcon King, the Crown IV is a stalwart, prioritizing consistency no matter the price. There’s no gimmicky one-time novelty fluff when it comes to this tank and capitalizes on it’s machinery and high quality coils.

In regards to flavor, the Crown IV’s coils output an incredible amount of flavour, giving off a truly satisfying wet vape, not to mention their great coil life span. However, the most interesting quality about these coils is that, although they’re wattage is particularly midrange (0.2ohm 70-80w, 0.4ohm 60-70w, 0.23ohm Mesh 60-70w) you can feasibly push the maximum recommended wattage much further, by about 10-15w or so. By pushing the maximum wattage out of these coils, you’ll achieve an intensified hit, providing more vapor, impact, and a punch of more flavor (at the cost of more juice being vaporized).

However, the most important quality that this tank offers is in it’s machinery. How prone it is to producing nuisances? Is it leaky? How’s the threading? Are the fill ports small, making filling a mess sometimes? Am I vaping on a harmonica (extreme whistle noises)? These issues are almost non-existent with this tank.

The quarter turn top cap and quad kidney fill ports make filling incredibly efficient and quick. Being triple slotted airflow, you get a smooth inhale without the need to draw as hard, which yields whistle noise. The build design is very precise, not giving any purchase to leaky mishaps that could occur without human influence. Lastly, the flagship feature is it’s plug pull method for inserting its coils. Threading always has the potential of leaking, but by utilizing the plug and pull method for installing coils, they almost completely remove this issue all together. They’ve also implemented a self-cleaning system, redistributing collected e-juice that hasn’t been vaporized back into the coil. By combining these two functions (Plug & Push + self-cleaning system), the Crown IV achieves an incredibly leak RESISTANT status.

The Crown IV is a dependable sub-ohm tank that will produce the results you desire without fail.


-        54.8mm Height x 28mm Diameter x 25.7mm Width

-        5mL Standard Juice Capacity/6mL with Bubble Glass

-        Hand Polished Stainless Steel Build

-        Self-Cleaning Technology

-        Quarter-Turn Top Fill Design

-        Adjustable Bottom Airflow

Package Includes:

-        1 UWELL Crown IV Tank

-        1 Replacement Glass

-        1 0.4ohm Coil (Pre-installed)

-        1 0.2ohm Coil

-        Replacement O-Rings

-        Drip Tip Cover

-        User Manual


Valyrian - UWELL

UWELL Valyrian Tank - NYX ECIGS

To most vapers, it should be no surprise that another of UWELL’s products is on our list. ­­ When it comes to producing stellar tanks, UWELL is second to none. The Valyrian is the undisputed best cloud chaser on the market (currently of the making of this blog). If “chucking plumes” is your thing, then the Valyrian is the right tank for you.

Quite often, vapers who prioritize cloud production are strung up on whether to get into the rebuilding sub-culture of vaping. Most rebuildable atomizers produce night and day amounts of vapor when compared to sub-ohm tanks but that price for them is maintenance.

To some, this is something they can afford to do, but to others it requires too much purchase on their time and effort. What if someone just wants the fuss-free quality of a sub-ohm tank and massive cloud production?

Enter the Valyrian.

The Valyrian is among the few tanks that can compete with rebuildables in cloud production. The two most important factors when producing massive clouds is power and airflow. The Valyrian excels at this by offering a modest and efficient 95-120w range (a lot of tanks try to push WAY further than this to compensate for poor design) and triple slot airflow for huge intake of air. The coils take advantage of the beefy vapor production of wrapped wire for the coil and a large amount of dead space as opposed to a typical mesh coil, whose benefits primarily cover flavor as their prerogative by design.

The Valyrian also offers several pins that will alter the total amount of vapor being produced, should the vapor be too much.

Although it compromises a bit of intensity of flavor by capitalizing on cloud production (as well as not utilizing mesh coils), the Valyrian produces a respectable amount of flavor considering it’s on equal grounds with rebuildable atomizer’s cloud production.

If you’re a cloud chaser, the Valyrian is an incredibly efficient tank when you consider the fact that it’s not outrageous with wattage range (which in turn is significantly better for your batteries) and can produce massive clouds with decent flavor. If you’re looking for a cloud chasing sub-ohm tank, the Valyrian is the gold standard you should be comparing those tanks to, or better yet just pick up the Valyrian and save yourself the trouble.


Mesh Pro – Freemax

Freemax Mesh Pro Tank - NYX ECIGS

This wouldn’t be a top Sub-Ohm tank list for early 2019 if I didn’t include the Mesh Pro. Freemax, being the progenitor of Mesh coils, set the new standard of flavor chasing with their Fireluke and now the Mesh Pro.

In regards to the design, the Mesh Pro is a rather bulky one. The overall diameter (considering the bubble glass) is 28mm but this is to compensate for the HUGE coils and giant juice capacity it offers. The overall look is very clean, especially with all the color schemes Freemax offers for the Mesh Pro!

The Mesh Pro has a variety of coil options to choose from, all of which produce exceptional flavor at the recommended wattage they’re built for. The most popular is the Triple Mesh coil, offering a vapor that’s highly saturated with flavor.

Not much too say other than, if you want the most intense flavor delivery from a tank then the Mesh Pro is the tank to purchase.


-        25mm Base

-        Push-to-Open Top Fill System

-        6mL Capacity with Bubble Glass/5mL Capacity with Straight Glass

-        Mesh Coils: Single, Dual, Triple, & Quad; TC SS Mesh

-        Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control

-        810 Wide bore Drip Tip

Package Includes:

-        1 Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank

-        1 Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil (Pre-installed)

-        1 Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil

-        1 Replacement Glass

-        1 Spare O-Rings

-        1 User Manual


Baby V2 – Smok



The Apple of the sub-ohm tank world if you will, Smok has entered the Mesh Coil game and produced a beauty of a tank. The Baby V2 is midrange king. So much potential and all the right facets done well. One of the things that make a beginner vaper lost is the lack of outline when deciding on what to purchase and noticing the differences in performance. The Baby V2 has taken all the best things going on with Sub-Ohm tanks currently and created a simple, high performance, cloud chucking flavor machine.

The Baby V2 boasts a rather large 5mL capacity to support the higher wattage coils. Speaking of coils, the Baby V2 has taken full advantage of the benefits of Mesh Coils and their natural affinity to flavor production. The offer quite a range of different wattages to suite higher ranges as well as lower ones. The machinery overall is great and they’ve made great strides to making sure the threading and top-fill is as smooth as possible for any one to use.

The Baby V2 is as simple as it gets when considering what Sub-Ohm Tank to use and at a very affordable price. Looking for a high performance, solid build, and affordable Sub-Ohm Tank? The Baby V2 is for you.


-        5mL Juice Capacity with Bubble Glass/3.5mL with Straight Glass

-        54mm Height x 30mm Diameter

-        Material: Stainless Steel

-        Top-Fill system with Leak-Proof Rotary Design

-        Triple slot Adjustable Airflow Control

-        Proprietary Drip Tip

Package Includes:

-        1 TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

-        1 Baby V2 A1 0.17ohm Single Coil (Pre-Installed)

-        1 Baby V2 0.2ohm Dual Coil

-        1 Replacement Glass

-        Spare Parts

-        User Manual

And there you have it! Our picks for early 2019’s top 5 best Sub-Ohm Tanks! I hope I’ve made it easier to decide what tank you want to use, but I’m certain you will enjoy any of these tanks just as I have. You can purchase any of these little guys on our website or visit any of our in-store locations.

Happy vaping!

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