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Top Pod Systems

Posted on 04 June 2020

Top Pod Systems

There’s no denying it, pod systems are the future of vaping. Whether it is the convenience they offer with the all-in-one designs, or the variety of colours they come in; there is a pod system design available for anyone’s taste! With different manufacturers making innovations on already great devices, it can be quite daunting trying to find the right pod system for you! Luckily, we’ll be talking about some of our fan favourite pod systems today.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular pod systems released in recent memory, the Caliburn is another great device in Uwell’s lineup. This device features a 520 mAH internal battery, an 11-watt output and refillable pods with a 2ml e-liquid capacity. This device is an open pod system, meaning that the user is able to fill the pods with their desired e-liquid. The Caliburn is one of the slimmest, lightweight and compact designs available. This device is constructed with a premium aluminum alloy chassis and weighs in at just 30 grams! The Caliburn has thought of the users’ experience and features a side window into the pod. This allows the user to view their current juice level, which ensures you never have a dry hit! The Caliburn uses Uwell’s proprietary Pro-FCOS flavour technology allowing for exceptional flavour delivery through a thick cloud of vapour. This device also gives users the flexibility to choose between either Freebase e-liquid or Salt nicotine e-liquids (although salt nicotine is recommended). With all these features the Uwell Caliburn offers an exceptional Mouth to Lung vaping experience, which mirrors the traditional draw of smoking a cigarette. The Caliburn comes in a variety of colours to choose from, (Blue, Black, Iris Purple, Grey, Pink, and Red), meaning there’s a colour to fit any style. 

The Caliburn pods are extremely convenient, refillable disposable pods that can be filled with either freebase or salt nicotine e liquid, (although salt nicotine is recommended) depending on the user’s preference. The pods feature a built-in 1.4-ohm coil that vapes at a maximum 11W. The 1.4-ohm parallel coils are best suited for salt nicotine due to the lower power output of the Caliburn device. The pods feature dual top-fill holes which are hidden underneath the mouthpiece allowing for a leak free vape. They are magnetically attached to the device giving users peace of mind that their pods are secured in place. The Caliburn pods offer a 2ml fill capacity and can be swapped with ease, some heavy vapers may require a greater fill capacity, for those users we recommend carrying multiple pods at a time to eliminate the need to refill often. This quick interchangeability and compact size also make it convenient for users to carry different e liquid flavours in different pods allowing for flavour changing on the go.

         For those looking for a looser draw, the Caliburn is cross-compatible with the Caliburn Koko pods which offer a 1.2-ohm built-in coil that can deliver more vapour allowing for an airier vape while maintaining the flavour and smoothness provided by the original Caliburn pods.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 110 * 21.2 * 11.6mm
  • Net Weight: 30g
  • Battery Capacity: 520mAh
  • LED Battery Indicator
    • Green: > 60%
    • Blue: 60 - 30%
    • Red: < 30%
  • Single Operating Button
    • 5X fire button click will turn ON or OFF the device 
    • Draw activated or Press to fire
  • 2ml Refillable Pod System; 1.4-ohm Atomizer Resistance
  • Removable Drip Tip, Serves as Juice Fill Cap
  • Micro USB Charging Port


  • Caliburn Device
  • 2x Refillable Uwell Caliburn Pods
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Booklet


The successor to the Caliburn, the Koko is another great pod system from Uwell featuring the same 520 mAH built-in battery and 2ML fill capacity. The main difference you’ll immediately notice between the Koko and the Caliburn is the form. While the Caliburn used a more traditional stick design, the Koko uses a square design that is accented with brighter colours and semi glossy logo. This gives the Koko a more modern style and makes it stand out amongst the pod systems of today. Still sporting the lightweight aluminum alloy and PCTG plastic resin body, the Koko is a durable and compact device just like its predecessor. The Koko is available in 4 stunning colours, Black, Grey, Blue, and Red.

Just like the Caliburn pods, the Koko pods feature a 2ML fill capacity and hidden top fill design, but new for these pods is a 1.2-ohm parallel coil. This lower resistance coil delivers an airier and more flavourful vapour than the Caliburn pods. The cross compatibility of the pods also means you can use the original Caliburn pods in the Koko body!

Key Features:

  • Juice Capacity: 2 ml
  • Battery Capacity: 520 mAH
  • Maximum Wattage: 11 W
  • Coil Resistance: 1.2 Ω
  • Draw Activated

In the Package:

  • 1 × CALIBURN KOKO pod system
  • 1 × 1.2Ω Caliburn KOKO pod
  • 1 × Micro USB cable
  • 1 × User ’s manual
  • 1 × Necklace


Stlth has grown to be one of the most popular closed pod systems on the market! The Stlth is an ultra-compact, lightweight device that offers smokers a viable alternative for traditional cigarettes. With a sleek and minimalist design, the Stlth features no buttons on the body, only sporting a Micro USB port for charging, making it a simple draw operated device with a more than satisfying throat hit and plenty of flavour for those looking to quit traditional smoking. With a built-in 420 mAH battery, the Stlth delivers consistent power output throughout the day and is able to last an entire day on moderate usage.

Stlth uses pre-filled pods in order to offer an extremely simple and convenient experience for those switching from smoking, these 2ML prefilled pods are equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes. With 24 flavours to choose from and 3 nicotine strengths (20mg, 3mg, and 50mg) there’s something for every vaper.

Key Features:

  • 420 mAH Internal Battery
  • 2 ML Prefilled Pods
  • Micro USB charging
  • 24 flavours of pods

Included in box:

  • Device
  • Charging Cable
  • Instruction manual and Warranty Registration Card


The Vaporesso Xtra Pod Kit Is a small and powerful starter kit from the folks over at Vaporesso. A new competitor to the Caliburn, the Xtra Pod Kit is another great all in one pod system with a lightweight and ergonomic design sporting a 900 mAH internal battery. Featuring 2 coil options, a 1.2-ohm pod for Mouth to Lung vaping and a rare 0.8-ohm Mesh pod that is not offered by most devices in the segment. These refillable pods offer the same flexibility that is offered by the Caliburn with a 2ML fill capacity, with the Xtra pod offering a mesh pod option that can deliver a higher power output. The Vaporesso Xtra Pod Kit is a new entry in the market but is sure to be one of the most popular devices of 2020.


  • Dimensions: 73.9 x 38.2 x 16.7mm
  • POD Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Resistance: UNIPOD1.2ohm, MESHED UNIPOD 0.8ohm
  • Output Power: 11W UNIPOD, 16W MESHED UNIPOD
  • Display: Single 3-color LED Indicator
  • Charging Current: DC 5V/1A


  • 1 x VAPORESSO XTRA Battery
  • 1 x MESHED UNIPOD (2ml, 0.8Ω, Pre-installed)
  • 1 x UNIPOD (2ml, 1.2Ω, In Box)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Reminder Card


The newest member of the Aegis family, the Aegis Pod Kit offers vapers an industrial style pod system. Featuring a ip67 water-resistant and shockproof durable body sporting an 800 mAH internal battery, this device is definitely worth considering especially with the inclusion of USB Type-C. The Pod Kit offers the largest fill capacity out of the pod systems discussed today, coming in at a whopping 3.5ML!  Currently the Pod Kit utilizes a new platform of press to fit coils that GeekVape plans to expand upon in the future, but for the present only consists of a 0.6-ohm hybrid mesh coil. This device will most likely go down as the most durable pod system of 2020.


  • Dimensions: 87.7 x 40 x 17.7mm
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Wattage Output Range: 12-15W
  • Juice Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coil: 0.6ohm G coil
  • Charging Current: Type-C 5V/1.5A
  • Max Puff Time: 10S
  • Battery Indicator: Green (100%-70%)/Blue (69%-31%)/Red (30%-0%)
  • Small size and special shape
  • IP67 Waterproof and easy to use
  • The ergonomic mouthpiece fits lips nice
  • Mesh coil for massive vape and excellent flavor


  • 1x Aegis pod kit
  • 1x USB Type-C cable
  • 2x 0.6ohm mesh coils

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