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Posted on 04 January 2023

Introducing a new GEEKVAPE starter kit called the E100! The GEEKVAPE E100 is also known as the AEGIS ETENO starter kit. The E100 is a new pod mod device from GEEKVAPE being unique and different and keeping it simplistic! We will go through a thorough breakdown of the E100 to see if it is the device for you.

Contents of Starter Kit:

Inside the GEEKVAPE E100 starter kit, you get the AEGIS ETENO mod, x1 E100 replacement pod, x1 GEEKVAPE P replacement 0.2ohm coil (pre-installed), x1 GEEKVAPE P replacement 0.4ohm coil, coil-removal tool, TYPE-C cable, and a user manual.


The GEEKVAPE E100 is rated IP68 giving it a tri-proof rating of water and dust resistance, and a higher level of shock resistance providing better protection in harsher environments. Also, the E100 device will have a rotated seal door for the 18650 battery to keep the battery more secure and prevent water from coming in.

The GEEKVAPE E100 keeps the classic look of GEEKVAPE AEGIS-style look with a more durable silicone around the device. Also has the classic comfortable leather texture, and metal aesthetic fitting perfectly in the hands. The lock switch will be located on the side of the device which is visible to the user.

The screen will be located in the center of the device along with the power button sitting on top of the screen, and increment buttons at the bottom of the screen. The TYPE-C port will be located underneath the increment buttons.

The E100 is a pod mod style device with a magnetic ring on the device to keep the tank set on top of the device. The ETENO pod will be inspected in the next section of the overview. 

Pod Tank & Coils:

The GEEKVAPE E100 uses the pod tank style as mentioned above with similar features of different pod mods. What is unique about this pod tank style, is the airflow is separate from the fill port. The pod tank will have 2 airflow slots with a rotatable ring airflow control. The top part of the cap will be where you unlock the tank for filling. To access the fill port you will need to press down and clockwise turn to open for refilling

The E100 pod tank will take the GEEKVAPE P replacement coils of resistances of 0.2ohm (60 watts - 70 watts) and a 0.4ohm (50 watts - 60 watts). Installation of the coils will be press-fit coils from the bottom, just as simple as it sounds.

Chipset: AS-Chip 3.0

The AS-Chip 3.0 is GEEKVAPE versatile single chip with multi-function purpose. Used on their newer hardware such as the E100 mod.

The AS-Chip 3.0 assists with the acceleration speed of the response time of 0.8 second for every single puff. This trait from the set redefines speed giving an instant throat hit that you look for from vaping, as well as vapor production!

Also, AS-Chip 3.0 enhances performance of the device’s output while using less energy consumption from the battery. The chipset also ensures safety protection for users with a 10-second cut off time preventing the device from short circuit, overcharge and discharging protection, overheat protection, over-current protection and anti-dry protection. 


When the device is on, you will notice on the screen that there is a mode that it is set on, battery meter, wattage number, resistance reader, voltage output reader and a puff counter. 

Brightness control for the screen is the power and increment button at the same time. Depending if you want your device to be brighter, the power button and right increment button will increase it, to lower the brightness it will be the power button and the left increment button.

There are several types of modes on the GEEKVAPE E100 for vape preferences. To change modes, you will press the power button 3 times and use the increments to move between the modes. Holding the power button will keep the mode set in place.

“SMART” mode: automatically sets the power needed

Power mode: manually adjust power setting

Boosting mode: enhances performance when vaping

TC - Ni: Temperature Control - Nickel

TC - Ti: Temperature Control - Titanium

TC - SS: Temperature Control Stainless Steel

TC - TCR: Temperature Control Ratio 

VPC [Variable Power Curve]: A curve mode that is adjustable per second; each second will have a custom power setting


In conclusion, the GEEKVAPE E100 CRC starter kit is a dependable device all-around. It is rated IP68 for rough environments with the nice classic AEGIS look to it. The E100 being a pod mod vape keeps it simplistic for sub-ohm usage with its different modes for all types of vapers.

You can get the GEEKVAPE E100 CRC starter kit at your closest vape store, or closest NYX ECIGS store for $64.99 in 6 different colors of Beige, Black, Blue, Rainbow, Red and Volcanic Grey. 

GEEKVAPE E100 2-Pack replacement tank is $23.99 in 3 different colors of Black, Blue and Silver. And the GEEKVAPE P REPLACEMENT COILS 5 Pack for $19.99!

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