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Onward to 2020: The best of 2019!

Posted on 23 January 2020

2019 was one big year for vaping. Between the ups and downs, this year, without a doubt, has pumped out some of the most influential devices the vaping world has ever seen. It's a heavy task for 2020 to break the new standards that 2019 had set, but things are looking bright and I have no doubt we’re about to see some incredible devices.

However, if you’re just getting into vaping then now is definitely a good time to pick up some of the best 2019 has to offer!


UWELL Caliburn & Caliburn KoKo:

The best pod system to have hit the market since pod systems were conceived. While there are pod systems out in the market that clearly outperform the Caliburn, what the Caliburn offers is consistency, quality, and great form factor at it’s ridiculously affordable price. The most noticeable “wow” factor is the pods last a great deal of time, unlike a lot of other pods whose wicking ports aren’t conducive to a long lasting coil. The flavor is excellent and long lasting, in that they keep up the flavor from day 1 to day 12 (your coil life will vary depending on your practices when vaping).

Whether you are purchasing the original Caliburn or the KoKo, you will not be disappointed. I mean, the opportunity cost is so low to be risking anything anyways, right?



This one is a doozy. JUUL is widely recognized as the poster child for vaping. Even people who don’t vape know what JUUL is! But one thing is for sure: STLTH is taking the show. An upcoming show stealer, the Canadian STLTH not only offers a RIDICULOUS amount of pre-filled flavored pods, but is just as sleek and stealthy as the JUUL, doubles the battery life, and is at an affordable price. Also, a big reason to hop onto the STLTH is how many flavors they offer. 20+ flavors and GROWING is absolutely astonishing. With the STLTH, you can always find something you like, from Tobaccos, Menthols, Fruits, and even Desserty flavors! All this being said, the biggest thing that the STLTH offers is sustainability, and when you consider the amount you receive to the dollar you spend, you’re achieving peak efficiency.

Aspire AVP

Easily one of the best affordable pod systems this year, the AVP really pushing its place to the top pod systems. Adjustable power settings, strong battery, durable design, and great pods for flavor and hit, the AVP really hits all the notes you want for a pod. It even has a lanyard! Aspire has always pumped out strong MTL qualities in it’s tanks and pods so it’s no surprise to me that the AVP is a golden choice for people starting off the MTL game. If you’re getting into vaping and want a basic unit to start the day with, the AVP is a contender.

Voopoo Vinci & Vinci X

An old concept that has been actualized and successfully set a standard. The Vinci Series is THE Pod Mod. Contending with the RPM40 by SMOK, the Vinci brings flavor, portability, great vapor, adjustable power, all the while being a pod system! Nowadays, pod systems are the new norm and having something that offers a similar quality of performance to a whole setup whilst maintaining the “Pod” style design is crucial for those who want the best of both worlds. 


The Nord was one of the best additions to pod systems for 2019. It really pushed the standard of what a pod system should offer. The RPM40 on the other hand is essentially a super Nord with all the capability of the nord and more. It is one of the first pod systems out there to offer Adjustable Wattage. That speaks volumes of how flexible the RPM40 is. Good airflow, EXTENSIVE coil options, Adjustable Wattage, and great battery life, the RPM40 is a contender for one of the best Pod Mods to date.

Geekvape Aegis Boost

As with the previous 2 pod systems, this one is another Pod Mod. If it isn’t apparent enough, Pod systems have taken a huge lift off in design. They not only provide the convenience and quality that really good pods offer, but also the flexibility and personification that Mod-based setups have as well. The Aegis Boost offers an INSANELY dense vapor and flavor that still hits the throat! This little guy, just like the rest of the Aegis series, is an indestructible tank, impervious to dust, water, and drops from heights that would shatter other mods into pieces. The Aegis series has always stood the test of time and this little guy is no exception. If there is one Pod Mod I’d be looking into, it would be this one.


Voopoo Drag 2

With a legacy to uphold, the Drag series has, and I believe always will, hold its place as one of the best mods around that $100 mark. It has always provided an insane amount of punch and firing speed with its chipset, an easily navigated interface, and incredibly durable yet beautiful design. In terms of quality, it is very hard to beat the drag in raw performance at this price point. However, the Drag 2 is an exploration of the unknown limits of the Drag series. It maintains it’s similar performance, smaller and lighter, less edginess, and beautiful designs. It even has a firing setting that accommodates the tank it comes with. The Drag series, and the Drag 2 in particular, is a mod that everyone should consider for the future, regardless of the upcoming releases.

Alpha Zip

A relatively newcomer to the mod scene, the Alpha Zip is an excellent runner up to the Drag series. The main reason that Voopoo always comes out of the woodworks and holds a top spot in mods simply because of their chipset. Hitting hard and fast, the Alpha Zip is a good choice if you want a whole kit.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Zeus

When it comes to longevity the Aegis series is king. There’s nothing out on the market that can take a beating quite like the Aegis. It is not only durable but performs very well. It hits hard and the ramp up to your desired wattage is FAST. Sitting on top is a Zeus as well so you are getting an insane mod with an excellent flavor producer. Honestly, among the more humble kits you could get this is one I would recommend for myself.

UWELL Crown 4 Checkmate

If you know about us, then you know that UWELL is a top brand for us. It carries itself because of the insane coil life and flavor that their tanks have. The Checkmate is one of the best examples of a product that delivers.

It’s not bulky for a dual battery device and carries a beautiful design.

The tank delivers everything that it advertises, flavor and clouds, coil life with modest wattage, and innovative machinery.

The design of the mod is absolutely beautiful, and the interface is incredibly barebone simple to use.

If I had to pick a standout kit for 2019 it would be the Crown 4 Checkmate.



One of the most iconic SMOK mods, the Mag series has always complimented comfort and design. It’s ergonomic design fits the hands of EVERYONE no matter how small or big your hands are! It reeks comfort and solid design and machinery. One thing that makes this such a success compared to previous iterations is the tank. The TFV16 has incredible airflow for massive plumes of vapor. And given that the Mag p3 hits hard, you can take advantage of the tank no matter what coil, from the good range of coils available, you decide to use.


Horizontech Falcon King


Not a tank in the world right now can contend with the induced flavor coma you’ll experience after vaping on a ready and well Falcon King. I think the majority of us can safely say that the Falcon King is among the best, if not the best, Sub-Ohm tank(s) in the market right now. Its exceptional machinery, great coil life, and insane flavor/cloud production make it EASILY one of the first choices for tanks to purchase. If you are considering upgrading your tank or headed to the convenience of a Sub-Ohm Tank, then consider the Falcon King. You will not regret this one.

Uwell Whirl

Among the many lower powered Sub-Ohm Tanks, the Whirl is an excellent one. To be frank, the only 2 low wattage Sub-Ohm Tanks are this and the Nautilus series. It provides that tight hit, VERY good flavor, and decent coils that are VERY affordable. I can’t stress enough how sustainable this tank is. Consistency is everything in the vaping world and if you can find something that gives good flavor as well then you’re doing something right.

Valyrian 2


One of the few power houses in the Sub-Ohm Tank market right now, the Valyrian 2 is a completely different tank to its predecessor. It chucks. Plain and simple.And the Flavor. THE FLAVOR. It hits hard with the amount of vapor, and the flavor is just so good. It’s so hard to explain without trying it yourself. Between this guy and the Falcon King, you literally cannot go wrong with these guys. I expect great things from 2020, but it is a gargantuan task to top the Falcon King and the Valyrian 2. 

Aspire Odan & Odan Mini

A newcomer on the block, the Odan really hit it’s mark. It’s just a consistent tank and lets you change coils without wasting juice. Much like the Nord in that it just does everything very well, the Odan is quite like that. This is very much a midrange wattage tank and offers richer flavor as well. Through testing this HAS to be the best midrange wattage tank available right now. If this is your jazz then give this one a look at. 

Smok TFV16 Tank


One mistake you can make is overlooking SMOK. They have set the playing field for what is acceptable in the vape world, and if you as a company are not trying to meet their standard, you’re not meeting the market. The TFV16 Tank his really pushing capacity, flavor, cloud production, and machinery all at once. It maintains a traditional design, but a proven one. If you don’t know what to get, or are on the fence with certain tanks, you quite literally can’t go wrong with the TFV16 Tank.


Vaporesso Gen


This one is a winner. Among the many stand alone box mods that you see now a days, there’s nothing quite like the Gen. Expansive yet very easy to navigate interface, VERY fast firing rate, and sturdy and light design, the Gen is a winner for sure. But the stand out facet to this mod is that it is AFFORDABLE yet unwilling to sacrifice quality to hit that lower price point. If you’re in need of a solid mod for a replacement or upgrade, consider the Gen and you won’t be disappointed.

Geekvape Aegis X


Released just this year, the Aegis X is a monster of a mod. Much like the Aegis mods of yesteryear, the Aegis X offers the same durability and simplicity. However, there is far more features available to you with the Aegis X. We now have various memory modes, extensive firing options, and customizable curves, all with a GIGANTIC screen that’s easily navigated. As with the previous iterations, the Aegis X maintains that hard hitting and fast fire, and feels VERY comfortable in the hand. It’s very hard to argue with an Aegis other than its typical size.  

Asmodus Minikin 3


One of the best brands for build quality to have entered the market. The Minikin Series is no joke when it comes to reeking quality hits, fast fire speed, easily navigated UI, and solid machinery and build. The Minikin v3 is a bit particular with it’s left-handed design, so for right handed people it becomes an “acquired” grip style but nevertheless feels great. The most important factor to picking this mod--aside from its overall stats on quality--is how it feels in the hand and it’s interface. I’ve personally enjoyed touch screens (I mean, it’s 2020 for crying out loud) and the interface has been changed and improved upon compared to the previous iterations of Asmodus’s chipsets. If you’re looking for a mod that’s classy and kills it in performance, the Minikin v3 is one of the best gifts you could give yourself (or someone else)!

Dovpo Topside

What shoutout blog would this be if I didn’t include a mod for RDAs?

Squonking has always been a conundrum to companies because it’s hard to get done right, especially for dual batteries. I mean you have to make compromises somewhere, right? You have to get a bottle that holds a considerable amount of juice or else what’s the point, a dual battery configuration that can support any range of wattage for any coil resistances, a strong chipset that offers hard and fast hits, and to top it off, a comfortable hand feel regardless of its size. The Topside is such a monster when it comes to hitting all these points without suffering from compromise. It’s innovative and well-done design for refilling the squonk bottle was the icing on the cake. I had a hard time considering whether or not to pick this or the Rage by OhmBoy but, after I came to my senses, there’s only one choice. The Topside is just far too efficient of a Squonk Mod to really regard any other Squonk Mod right now.

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