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Posted on 27 May 2022

Small, yet Efficient Vaping Devices

In recent years, smaller vape devices have taken the vape industry by storm. With so much choice on the market, it really becomes difficult for consumers to discern the differences between these devices. Which devices are going to be the best performing for your needs and which ones are really worth your money? For anyone seeking a bit of guidance, we’ve compiled a list of four devices that we consider to be top notch when it comes to small yet efficient vapes!


The first device on our list is the ASPIRE MINICAN 2 Pod Kit. This pod vape features a 400mAh battery capacity and a 3ML pod capacity incorporated into a device that’s so small, it can be held in the palm of your hand! The MINICAN 2 Pod Kit is designed to be as simplistic as possible, being buttonless and draw-activated only. The Minican Pods use non-replaceable mesh coils, and have a convenient bottom fill port that makes refilling this device super quick and easy-even when you're on the go! Some of the best things about the MINICAN 2 is that there are so many protections on this device. There is short circuit protection, overheating protection, low voltage protection, overcharging protection and deep discharge protection. As for any maintenance, the device can be recharged with the provided USB-C cable and pods replaced as needed. The ASPIRE MINICAN Pod Kit is available at NYX ECIGS for just $15.49, while the ASPIRE MINICAN Replacement Pods cost just $5.99 for a pack of two pods. You can choose between two different pod options to really customize the kind of hit you want with your device. Both the 0.8 OHM Pod and 1.0 OHM Pod use mesh coils to give you a flavourful vape.


Second on our list is none other than the UWELL CALIBURN G2 Pod Kit. This pod vape is the newest release from UWELL’s evolving CALIBURN series! Alike the pods of its predecessors’, the UWELL CALIBURN G2 Replacement Pods feature a convenient snap-off cap design for easy top-filling. These pods use non-replaceable mesh coils for simple maintenance. Users can simply recharge their device and replace their entire pod as needed, with no assembly required. The device itself can be powered on and off with five clicks of the fire button, and can be activated with button-press or by inhale when powered on. For some exciting new upgrades, the Caliburn G2 is rated for an output of 18W when fully charged and features a reliable 750mAH battery capacity. This device also features an all-new adjustable airflow feature that is built directly into the bottoms of its replacement pods. This airflow feature is indicated by a small red wheel which can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. What’s more, the UWELL CALIBURN G2 also has a new vibration feature that indicates low-charge and vibrates when pods are installed to indicate pod detection. The CALIBURN G2 replacement pods come in two varieties consisting of the Mesh 0.8OHM pods for a stronger hit, and the Mesh 1.2OHM pods for a more restrictive, mouth-to-lung vaping experience. These pods come in two-packs, costing just $11.99 per pack. The UWELL CALIBURN G2 Pod kit comes included with a USB-C cable for recharging, and two different replacement pods at a cost of just $33.99 from NYX ECIGS. 


Our third pick is the ASPIRE FAVOSTIX Pod Kit; great for anyone looking for a simple device with more customizability over their vaping experience. This device features a small OLED display screen, and allows users to adjust the wattage for their Favostix device between 5-30W. The Favostix has a large 1000mAh battery for all-day use, and is both button-activated and draw-activated. The ASPIRE FAVOSTIX Replacement Pods feature a 2ML e-liquid capacity, non-replaceable coils, and easy-bottom filling. There are two different kinds of Favostix Pods that users can purchase; including the 0.6OHM pods which are best run at 15-18W,  and the 1.0OHM pods that are best run at 12-15W. Either kind of pod will be suitable for use with Freebase Nicotine E-liquid or Salt Nicotine e-liquid. The Aspire Favostix comes at a steal of a price-just $31.99, while the three-pack of pods costs just $10.99! Included with the FAVOSTIX Pod Kit is a USB-C cable for easy recharging. 

Finally, our fourth pick is the VAPORESSO XROS NANO Pod Kit! This is an amazing little device with a large 1000mAh battery capacity to last users all day. The Xros Nano uses replacement pods designed with a convenient snap-off cap design for easy and efficient top filling that will reduce almost all leaking issues you may have. There is also an accurate airflow control toggle on the side of the device, to really give you the exact kind of hit you're looking for. The VAPORESSO XROS SERIES Replacement Pods come in two varieties, consisting of the 0.8OHM Mesh pods for a denser vapor, and the 1.2OHM pods for a more restrictive hit. These pods cost just $8.99 for a pack of two pods at NYX ECIGS. Similar to the previous devices discussed in this blog, these XROS Series Replacement Pods use non-replaceable coils so users can simply replace their entire pod when needed, while the XROS Nano device can be recharged with the provided USB-C cable. The XROS NANO device also has a tiding battery indicator light, so you're able to tell the charge of your device based on how many LED dots light up. For a quick summary of how this works: four dots will indicate a 100-80% charge level, three dots indicate a charge of 80-60%, two dots indicate a 60-30% charge, and finally one dot indicates a charge of 30-0%. The Vaporesso Xros Nano is $35.99 and includes a sleek metallic chain to wear around your neck! 


We conclude our blog, hoping that all of the information above will be helpful to you. You can find any of the devices discussed in this blog available for purchase at your favourite local vape store NYX ECIGS! Visit us in-stores, or purchase online at

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