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Posted on 19 June 2017

Chill Orange Peach
It’s not everyday you come across the perfect “zesty” flavour but the Chill E Liquid always work to satisfy! The Orange Peach is definitely a game changer in the juice world- the 70/30 blend of orange, peach, and the perfect hint of mango packed in an aluminium can … can I say WOW?
The packaging alone was enough for people to purchase the Chill E Liquid line but wait until you taste it!
Appie Shake
Freshly baked apple pie topped with a scoop of chilled vanilla bean ice cream all blended together in a 60ml bottle with a hint of cinnamon to top it all off, “yes” is all you got to say! This is no ordinary juice- the smell alone will instantly bring you back to your childhood or transport you to a land of baked goods! The word “delicious” is an understatement to say the least.
Yummy Gum
A strawberry candy bubble gum… and who said Willy Wonka was just a fictional character? Naked 100 has truly outdone themselves with this phenomenal flavour. Surprisingly, Yummy Gum does not have that artificial taste (as most bubble-gum flavours do) and with the perfect amount of shelf steeping, it’s delectable down to the last drop!
Brain Freeze
Summer’s here guys! Even if you may not be a fan of menthol flavours, Brain Freeze will definitely change your life. The perfect blend of kiwi, strawberry on the inhale and exhale on the pomegranate- it will take you away to paradise. Especially with this warm Toronto summer weather, these mentholated flavours will keep you cool and refreshed!  
Now, top pick from the NYX ECIGS staff will be…. *Drum roll*
Pink Soda!
Pink Soda is the newest member of the Chill E Liquid line and just on the first week of its launch, we sold out! Fortunately, we at NYX ECIGS like to keep our shelves well-stocked so we get in more and more products each and every week! 
Pink Soda, a cream-soda like E Juice with the perfect blend of cream and the right amount of soda. Imagine: a frosty glass filled with your premium-imported soda, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream with a cherry on top to put everything together to create this perfect 90’s diner style beverage. 
Curious to try these flavours out? Come stop by at any of our NYX ECIGS locations (Markham, North-York, Whitby, and Scarborough) and give them a try!
If you have any further questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding these top picks, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Would you like us to go over anything in particular for our next blog? Email us your suggestions and we will gladly go over them! Once again, thank you for choosing NYX ECIGS.

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