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Posted on 23 November 2022


UWELL is back with another amazing pod mod starter kit called the CROWN D! The UWELL CROWN D Pod Kit is a new and improved version of the previous predecessor CROWN Pod Kit. We will be taking a deep inside look at UWELL’s CROWN D Pod Kit to see if this device caters to your vaping needs, and how well it performs! 

Inside the box:

Inside the UWELL CROWN D starter kit, it will include the paperwork [warranty card, user manual, QC card], the TYPE-C charging cable, the CROWN D device, and 2 pods with pre-installed coils [1 0.3ohm pod CRC and 1 0.8ohm pod CRC]. 

Noticeable Differences: UWELL CROWN VS. UWELL CROWN D

The UWELL CROWN D is a huge improvement from the predecessor CROWN pod system with noticeable differences. The CROWN D has a TFT 0.96’ display screen showing the adjustable wattage, puff counter, and different settings that will be explained later on. There is a wheel dial located at the bottom of the device to change setting movements and a TYPE-C for charging beside it. For airflow control, it will be located on the side of the device similar to where the CALIBURN X airflow is.

Also, CROWN D has included adjustable airflow on the side of the device instead of on the side of the pod. With its predecessor, CROWN Pod, the device had no screen, MIRCO-USB charged, with adjustable airflow on the pods themselves.

With these changes made on the CROWN D pod system, you will definitely enjoy the modern-era upgrade of the vape.

Hardware specs:

  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy, PCTG
  • Dimensions: 106mm*28mm*18.5mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2mL (CRC) Pods
  • Output Range: 5-35W
  • Battery Capacity: 1100mAh


The UWELL CROWN D pod system has a unique way of adjusting wattage with a wheel dial located at the bottom for multi-use purposes. To access the variable wattage change, you will need to press the power button, when the device is on, twice, and you can rotate the wheel to change the increment of wattage.

To open the menus on the CROWN D system, you press the power button 3 times and it will prompt 5 selections of modes:

POW - Variable wattage mode

VOLT - Variable voltage output mode with the selective voltage set instead of using wattage increments.

CURVES - Curve mode allows you to customize how you want your vaping experience to be. The CURVE mode will show you a graph, the left side is the wattage increments, and the bottom part of the graph is the second's increments, allowing you to adjust the amount of power output per 0.5 seconds when you are inhaling! 

BYPASS - Uses the battery full voltage mode when you are vaping

CUSTOMIZE - Auto-draw feature is turned out, the fire button and wheel dial will only be operational in this mode.


The UWELL CROWN D pods will be fairly different since these are the Canadian version, meaning they are CRC [Child Resistant Container] pods which will have pre-installed coils in the pod that cannot be removed.

The pods included in the kit are 0.3ohm [25w-35w] and 0.8ohm [15w-18w]. The 0.3ohm pod will be more for DL [Direct Lung] vaping experience producing more vapor and flavour. The 0.8ohm pods will be more of a mix of MTL [Mouth-to-Lung] or RDL [Restrictive Direct Lung] depending on how you have your airflow set when vaping.

The coil built inside the 0.8ohm pod will be slightly smaller creating a tighter airflow when inhaling compared to the 0.3ohm pods. The 0.3ohm pod will have a looser airflow giving that DL experience in the pod mod. Both pods are top-fill by snapping the cap off.

The 2 pods included in the starter kit will help you determine which pod caters to your vaping etiquette.


Performance of the CROWN D by UWELL is on par with their other releases such as the HAVOK V1 and AEGLOS H1 pod mod systems. The differences in performance between CROWN D to the HAVOK and AEGLOS is what you can do with its modes. As mentioned before, the CROWN D has a curve mode to dictate how you want your vape to “hit” by wattage adjustments per 0.5 seconds you are inhaling. It is game changing especially for those who enjoy custom settings like on-box mods.

The CROWN D experience is catered to all types of vapors in terms of if you like MTL/RDL/DL pull. The CROWN D wattage ranges from 5w-35w whether you want to use 0mg of nicotine or use nicotine with preferred strengths, CROWN D does a well-balanced job for a starter kit.


In conclusion, the UWELL CROWN D pod kit is a good starter kit whether you are starting to vape or want a smaller device than a box mod. The CROWN D gives ranges of options to play around with or just solely use it as a regular device.

You can get the UWELL CROWN D at your local vape store, or at your closest NYX ECIGS vape store for $52.99 in 6 different colours [Blue/Black/Green/Grey/Purple/Red] and a 2-PACK CROWN D PODS for $14.99.

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