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Posted on 20 October 2022


VAPORESSO has come out with another new impressive GEN series called the PT60 & PT80! Here’s a deep dive into the components and specs, to be informed to make the decision if this will be your new go-to device!

The PT60/PT80 uses the new xTank 4.5mL which has both dual adjustable top airflow and top fill. Inside the Gen PT series, there are strong magnets that hold the pod in place as well as a small thin plastic pin that sticks out to secure the xTank pod preventing it from rotating for the purpose of refill/airflow. The fill port will be located in the same area where the airflow is. Simply twist clockwise, closing the exposed airflow, revealing the silicone plug for filling! With that being said, it makes filling and airflow control as direct as possible for all levels of vapers.

The xTank uses the VAPORESSO’s GTX coils.The GTX coils are “COREX” engineered making their morph-mesh heat up instantly and producing stronger & intense flavour compared to traditional mesh coils, Also, using cumulus cotton being fluffier than traditional cotton it ensures consistent and longer enjoyment; in simpler terms, increasing flavour and lifespan for GTX coil usage! These coils are very simple to install, solely push into place, fill liquid in the xTank to let the coil to prime and saturate between 5-10 minutes before vaping, Ultimately giving you the most flavour-abundant experience! VAPORESSO GTX Coils are rated as low as 8-12w with the 1.2ohm, and go as high as 60-75w with 0.15ohm. Giving availability of how to enjoy the sub-ohm experience.

What’s the difference between the two GEN PT series? The VAPORESSO GEN PT60 has a built-in 2500mAh battery capacity, via TYPE-C charge for the convenience of not changing batteries, as well as charging at a fast-efficient rate. The VAPORESSO GEN PT80 is an external device, taking a single 18650 battery, and changeable when needed, or TYPE-C charge through the device. GEN PT80 allows users to always have a device charged at all times due to replaceable batteries and not having to wait for charge periods. The GEN PT60 is a 60W device compatible with the GTX coils of 0.2ohm and higher resistance. The GEN PT80 is a 80W device compatible with the GTX coils of 0.15ohm and higher resistance, The choice will always be yours!

Both GEN PT60 & PT80 have the same features of operation as well as a 0.91” OLED screen. Functions such as: Pressing the up and down buttons will redirect you to go to Modes [Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, SMART Wattage Mode]. Fire button & up: flips the screen, Fire button & down: resets the puff count, 3 clicks of the fire button device locks the increments but still can fire with the fire button. Both devices are super lightweight with a rubberized grip, giving a compact feel for a pod mod device compared to previous versions!

Overall the VAPORESSO GEN PT60 & PT80 are outstanding devices, lightweight and portable for travel, and feel perfect in the hands. Simple and practical for your everyday vaping needs.

Available at your local NYX E-CIGS PT60 $52.99 & PT80 $51.99! Replacement pods 2-pack are $12.99 and VAPORESSO GTX coils of assorted resistance are $14.99!

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