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Posted on 25 November 2020


Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit Review | NYX ECIGS | Ontario, Canada | Free Shipping

Prepare yourselves for the next big product in the world of vaping! May I present to you a device that will blow all other salt nic devices out of the water, the Vaporesso Xros

When handling this device for the first time, my initial impression was one of astonishment and a sense of awe! This vape blew me away with its user friendly nature and features. The easily accessible airflow, simple operation instructions, pod options and vapour production are very impressive! I began vaping this device and immediately found that despite its small stature, the Xros provides the full flavour and vapour that I’ve come to expect when using Vaporesso products. 


Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit Review | NYX ECIGS | Ontario, Canada, Richmond Hill, Bathurst, Toronto, East York | Free Shipping

The Vaporesso Xros provides great flavour regardless of which pod you use as they are both mesh pods! This vape fires rapidly so there’s no need to wait for it to ramp up. The adjustable airflow available for this vape allows for either MTL or Dl vaping so there is a perfect draw for any user. The MTL draw reminds me of the Geekvape Wenax, while the DL draw I find to be similar to the original Uwell Caliburn using 1.4 ohm pods. The wattage output for this vape is a maximum of 16 watts and the vapour production can be modified by adjusting the airflow toggle on the back of the device or based on the pod being used. The 0.8 mesh pod provides a DL hit, whereas the 1.2 mesh pod provides an MTL draw. As this vape only outputs about 16 watts you won’t be lost in a sea of cloud but the flavour provided will always satisfy! With this vape you have the option of utilizing the fire button to draw from it or you can simply use the auto-draw feature. 

Vapor rating: 9 /10


Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit | NYX ECIGS | Ontario, Free Shipping , Canada, Online Shop, Vape, E-Liquid

Let’s explore the clean, simple design of this pod system which will appeal to any user! The Xros is all about clean lines and boasts an extremely user friendly design! The smaller stature of the device allows for discreet vaping on the go as well as being the perfect size for your pocket! The charging type is USB Type-C meaning that this vape will charge extremely quickly and the battery is 800 mAh. You will be able to tell the charge level of the Xros by the small LED light indicator right below the fire button, you will see either green, blue or red depending on the charge level. This vape uses a stainless steel coating which makes it one of the more durable pod systems on the market! There are two ways to fire this device, the user can either use the draw activation or use the fire button. One of the most exciting features of the Xros is that the pod is transparent as well as being visible even when inserted into the base, allowing you to see your juice level at all times ensuring that you never vape an empty pod! The filling system is also a high point for me! This vape features a clam shell style of top fill, allowing the user to more easily fill the device. The fill port is spring loaded so the user must press down and squeeze in order to fill, this prevents any splash back from occurring. The pods for this device hold 2ml of e-juice and are made with PCTF material making them not only eco-friendly but helps to prevent leakage! 

Hardware rating: 8.5 /10

Vaporesso Xros Pod Kit | Vape Store | Vape Shop near me | Toronto, Ontario


The Xros is literally blowing away the competition and is making a name for itself as one of the best salt nicotine pod systems on the market today! Potentially dethroning the fan favourite Uwell Caliburn itself. The innovation of having to simply adjust your airflow, see a clear view of your juice window, and having a massive battery in comparison to the Uwell Caliburn is something that UWELL should consider for their next products. Although Vaporesso has been around for years, it’s certainly making a comeback with the production of this device! 

Overall rating: 9.5 /10


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