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Posted on 23 September 2019

Worth your buck - bang for your buck - vape eliquid e-juice juice hardware - nyx ecigs


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Today we’re going over how to approach vaping from a budget perspective. As you know, hobbies can become quite expensive, especially if they mean a lot to you. Take Hockey for instance; the age-old Canadian stereotype requires you to have sticks & skates, padding & helmet, maybe a uniform, and somewhere to play hockey, which potentially leads to monthly subscriptions for leagues and teams. Oh, and don’t forget a puck!

What if you’re into collectibles? Fancy chess pieces? What about fancy basketball shoes?

What if you’re into gaming? That game you play on the computer may be free or less than $100 or so, but the money it took to put together a high-performance computer would be a fortune!

Even smoking is an incredibly expensive hobby. Let’s do some math; Let’s say a pack of cigarettes is $15.99 (rough estimate of an average pack of cigarettes in Toronto 2019) and you’re a pack a day smoker—a pack at $15.99CAD after tax is $18.07, which is $126.49 a week, roughly $505.96 a month, and around $6071.52 a year. That’s actually insane.

Even if you’ve quit cigarettes and are vaping (which is statistically cheaper if we do basic math), it can still feel like vaping is taking up large financial equity in your wallet. However, do not fret, because being efficient with our money and choices can be learned, and most importantly, free! The way we can go about doing so is figuring out what we need, what we don’t need, and what we can give up on without sacrificing a solid experience. Often times, I see people walk into a vape store and they automatically assume that approaching vaping with a budget mentality means that they should only purchase the cheapest devices and juice possible. While purchasing the cheapest products will help you save money, that doesn’t necessarily equate to efficient use of your money and saving more over time. Take for example the following:

Here at NYX ECIGS, a 30mL bottle from our house line costs $14.99 and a 60mL from any brand is typical $24.99 (barring any juices on sale). If you were to purchase two 30mL bottles to get 60mL, you’d be spending an extra $5.00! Now that may not seem like much, but over time, those $5.00 add up and will eventually equate to a whole bottle! If you had gone for the cheapest possible bottle, you would be missing out on the rewards that this particular scenario could offer you. At the end of the day, purchasing low is helpful, but taking advantage of quantity and efficacy per dollar is a far and away from a more successful method of saving money. Now I understand that your immediate capital can and will affect what you’re able to purchase at a single time, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage of what’s available at your particular budget. A strategy is key!

                As opposed to just showing products that are a great value, I’m going to explain a tried and true method in finding what the best products are for you. Again, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of trends, great values, deals & promotions, but it shouldn’t be your only route. Take advantage of as many things as possible. Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime! I will only be touching on the very surface of budget mentality, but there is a lot to take from even just the first layer. That being said, let’s get into it!



                Here at NYX ECIGS, one of the best ways to save on e-juice is a little bit of simple math. In order to approach the budget mentality, we must first understand what we need, what is available, and what we can afford. In the case of E-Juice, here at NYX we have SEVERAL promotions, sale e-juice, as well as monthly weekend deals (some of which we’ve offered 20% off all e-juice purchases online AND in store!). This is not even considering the potential free dollars off if you’ve been with us for a while and have stockpiled a lot of points.

                Take advantage of what’s available. This is the biggest tip I have for people looking to save on e-juice.

                For instance, I see a lot of people purchasing a single 60mL bottle of e-juice. Why? I understand that it’s the cheapest price point, but if your money is an issue and you need to save a couple of dollars, depending on your capital, get the second bottle for a quick $5 off. Like the example explained earlier, that may not seem like much, but what if you were to compound scenario 1 (buying 2 bottles without the promotion) and scenario 2 (buying 2 bottles with the promotion) three or four trips down the road? Suddenly that $5 dollars saved turns to $15 or $20. What about 12 trips? Or a whole year’s worth of trips? That $5 is looking good, isn’t it? That’s not even all of our promotions. Here are a few for you to have as reference!

  • Buy 3 60mL Bottles and save $10
  • Buy 4 60mL Bottles and save $20
  • Buy 5 60mL Bottles and get the 6th fully discounted
  • Sale juices are typically $19.99 and clearance juices are $14.99
  • Buy 2 30mL NYX Bottles for $24.99
  • Buy 3 30mL NYX Bottles and get the 3rd bottle 30% off
  • Weekend deals range from 10% off your entire purchase to the occasional 20% off all e-juice, all coupled with a double point bonus to your purchases for your NYX account

                These are just a few for you to keep in the back of your head when you need to pick up some juice but are pressed for dollars.

                Now I understand that your upfront capital to purchasing e-juice will be a bottleneck to how much you can purchase, but there are always e-juices on sale, different sizes, as well as slightly increasing the dosage of nicotine thereby taking less puffs and being more efficient. Even buying multiple 30mLs of e-juice from our house line is an option.

                If your main prerogative is to achieve value based on nicotine satiation per dollar, then pod systems utilizing salt nicotine is the most cost effective. This has a very low barrier of entry, offering prices around $35 for a pod system, and a monthly purchase of a salt nicotine 30mL bottle for around that $20 price range.

                The key is making purchases that will help you save a bigger amount of money OVER TIME. Assess what you have available and see what you can take advantage of for a lower purchase.



        *To preface, the more performance you want out of your setup (i.e. cloud production, battery life, etc.) the more money that will be spent. A huge chunk of your capital when purchasing a device is predicated on how much performance you want. Therefore, in order to approach vaping with a budget mindset, we must sacrifice performance (at whatever amount) to get the price point as low as possible. *



Step 1:

                It’s important to discern what you want as opposed to following trends. It can be dangerous to hop onto a band wagon because you run the risk of being unsatisfied, which might lead to more money spent. Instead, figure out what vaping means to you.

First and foremost, figure out your priorities! Do you want something that feels similar to cigarettes because you want to quit smoking? Are you an avid customer of shisha bars but want portability? Are you into the ‘tricking’ scene? Are you just looking to get into a new hobby?

                The answers to these questions will help you figure out where on the “loose vs. tight” vape spectrum you fall on. This isn’t to say that you wouldn’t be satisfied with one and not the other, rather, getting close

Step 2:

                The second question you want to ask yourself is whether or not YOU DO want a ‘cigarette-esque’ vape or something more like a shisha. Remember that more performance (cloud production, rebuildable upgrade ability, battery life, other features, etc.) will increase your price point. However, there are great choices IF you’re looking towards more vapor production. Once you determine what experience of vaping you want, the next step is the most crucial.

Step 3:

                The last step is what’s your budget! As intuitive as it might be, the budget is the biggest question because it allows you to see what’s on the table. For example, the scenario is that your budget is $100.

Let’s say you’re buying a single battery starter kit because you want good vapor production. Typically, you’d be purchasing an external battery and 60mL bottle of e-juice, which would be tying up $37.98 ($12.99 for the battery, and $24.99 for the 60mL juice), leaving you with $62.02. This is clearly not enough for most EXTERNAL batter configurations. Maybe you might purchase a 30mL juice, but that doesn’t equate to saving in the long term because of the way the math works out (this is not considering e-juice on sale). This is before tax mind you! As you can see, it will be difficult even for a cheap single battery starter kit to stay at or under $100. However, we can compromise for a device that uses an internal battery which will help us get under that $100 price range or so.

                As you can see, budget is a little bit more complicated but understanding where you can compromise is very important. This is a rough generalization; these kinds of transactions are not set in stone! You are allowed and encouraged to make compromises for certain purchases! Everyone is at different places when it comes to their personal finances.

When your picking out a device, use all thee resources available to you! Sales associates at NYX are well equipped with the knowledge necessary to get you the best device at your budget. Take a feel for them in store! Look at our website for reference. Read and watch reviews on devices. Resources exist to help those who don’t know or need to be reminded of what’s worth it or not. Also, be sure to include/exclude both the amount of juice and hardware in YOUR budget, as to not be overwhelmed when the total comes up! Preparation is half the battle!  


Coils, Chargers, Batteries, and Hardware alike


                For the most part, whenever your buying a setup, most kits come with AT LEAST 2 coils. This removes the necessity to purchase coils. However, it’s always best to buy the coils you find the most reliable and consistent. Unfortunately, reading reviews won’t compare to trying all the different coils so trial and error is the best tool to use in this case.

With chargers, it’s important to recognize WHEN you can purchase one. You don’t necessarily need to purchase one upfront, especially if you’re using a single battery or internal battery device (you can get away with USB charging). But if you’re using a dual battery device it’s almost required to get an external battery charger. When money comes along, it’s almost 100% worth it to get one, because keeping your batteries healthy avoids having to purchase more batteries in the long run as well as having your device dying on you much quicker than usual. Also, charging through USB can ruin the port and then you won’t be able to charge your device. This quality of life issue can be an annoyance, so it’d be best to avoid it all together with eventually purchasing an external battery charger.

Everything else that you could possibly purchase (a case for your setup, extra glass for the tank, spare batteries, etc.) is, for the most part, unnecessary unless something happens. 


                At the end of the day, what you’re willing to spend on will outweigh any budget strategy available. If you want to shell out for that $250 set up, get into the enthusiast rebuilding/mechanical subculture, or simply want a STLTH for $24.99 is all up to you. Remember, these are all strategies to help you become more informed about what you want, need, and can afford comfortably.

                Never forget to implement strategy, preparation, self-assessment, and, most importantly, responsibility. It’s very easy to walk into a vape store and purchase whatever you want if you have the financial flexibility to do so. But it takes those things mentioned above to have a budget mentality, to save money for other things that are important in your life. Quitting cigarettes, or simply enjoying a hobby, CAN be expensive but it doesn’t have to inch its way into different areas of your life where you are suffering financially or simply want to save money for the future.

                This has been a light and brief coverage for vaping with a budget mentality. I will be coming out with a more in-depth conversation with you on the specifics of budgeting in all the different facets, and all the strategies I have learned. I hope this helped a bit! Happy vaping!

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