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GOON 1.5

528 Custom Vapes has always been known to have one of the top RDA’s on the market.
The very familiar Goon RDA’s have been known for their astonishing performance and have changed the game for the vape industry all across North America; and now 528 Custom Vapes has released their newest RDA- The GOON 1.5!
Perfect for both beginners as well as experienced builders, the GOON 1.5 features a wider bridge post to increase building space for varied coils, so go ahead and get creative! The new innovative bridge styled deck allows almost any sized build to fit with ease.
Aside from the Goon’s amazing reputation for their amazing airflow, the GOON 1.5 have also featured an all new airflow design that allows for single and dual coil airflow configurations with wider slots that may be easily adjusted to personalize it to your perfection!
The large 24mm diameter allows incredible builds as well as preventing leaks.

*Available for squonk mods, a bottom squonker pin is also included.*

The GOON 1.5 come in four exquisite colours which you may choose from!

THE GOON 1.5 features:

Dimensions: 1-7/16" x 15/16" (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
24mm Diameter
Copper Plated 510 Contact Pin
Stainless Steel Dual Bridge Clamp Build Deck
Wider Bridge Posts
Taller Screws
Increased Build Space
Allows for Single and Dual Coil Airflow Configurations
Adjustable Airflow with Wider Airflow Slots
Concave Ultra Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
Positive and Negative Bridges are Easily Replaceable
PEEK Insulator
Unique Serial Number
New Goon Logo


GOON 1.5 RDA by 528 Custom
Extra allen screws
Allen Tool
Hybrid Phillips/Flat Head screws
Extra O-Rings
Stainless Steel bottom feed (squonk) pin
528 Custom Vapes PouchGOON 1.

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