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Posted on 16 March 2021

What is STLTH

STLTH is a closed pod vaping device designed to meet the needs of adult smokers. The STLTH vape system functions with only three components to ensure absolute ease of use;

  1. The battery which is housed within the body of the device
  2. The prefilled disposable pods which are installed with an easy press-fit design
  3. The USB charging cord

 STLTH was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Waterloo, Ontario who had used vaping devices to transition away from tobacco cigarettes. Using what they had learned from their own experience, the founders of STLTH set out to create a product that would be a practical, affordable, and effective alternative to traditional cigarettes.   

To accomplish their mission STLTH created a budget-friendly MTL device with a longer battery life and higher juice capacity than other closed pod systems. The 420mAh internally battery means STLTH users get an average of 200 puffs between charges, so even frequent vape users won’t have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of the day. Combined with the relatively large 2mL juice capacity of each pod, and the classic mouth to lung feel of a traditional cigarette, STLTH users have the benefit of a reliable tobacco alternative in both function and experience. Compared to other closed pod devices such as JUUL and VUSE, STLTH offers more reliability without sacrificing any of the conveniences that closed pod users value.    

STLTH’s Main Objective

The visionaries at STLTH believe in the potential of tobacco alternatives to help adult smokers transition away from analogue cigarettes. They describe their mission as simple yet powerful; To provide a real alternative to traditional tobacco for adult smokers. As ex-smokers themselves, the founders of STLTH have first-hand experience using tobacco substitute products. What they found at the time were gaps in the vaping industry where the needs of cigarette users weren’t being addressed. They found the traditional vaping systems impractical for daily life and wanted to create a user-friendly device that was both affordable and effective enough to be adopted by the mainstream market as a genuine alternative to tobacco products. 

From its conception, the objective of STLTH has been to offer a real alternative to tobacco products, and they knew that to accomplish their goal their new device would need to be practical, enjoyable, effective, and widely available for ex-smokers and adult nicotine users. With that mission in mind, they created the STLTH device, a non-refillable closed-loop system that emulates the mouth-to-lung feel of a traditional cigarette. With three nicotine levels to choose from and a user-friendly ‘plug-and-play’ design, STLTH has proven itself as an industry leader amongst pod devices.   

STLTH Canada pod Flavours

As we’ve mentioned, STLTH strives to provide its users with the most effective tobacco alternative, so if there's one thing they take seriously it’s customer feedback. A handful of reviews from 2018 called for STLTH to expand their flavour selection, advice that STLTH really took to heart. Since then STLTH has added more than 50 flavours to their menu, partnering with many popular e-liquid companies to create stlth compatible pods with the highest-quality and the largest flavour selection of any closed pod device. 

 STLTH co-brands that NYX ECIGS currently offers:

  2. NAKED100 
  3. HOPE
  7. PEAK
  9. S.O.I
  10. LABO LV
  11. JAPELLO 
  12. SAVAGE

Offering a selection of stlth pod flavours from each brand in addition to their own 14 STLTH flavours guarantees there’s something to suit every preference. STLTH lists all of their co-brands and available flavours on their website, making it easy for STLTH users to ensure that they’re STLTH official pods and  meet the quality standards they trust. Fortunately for the users of STLTH, here at NYX we carry new STLTH pods quite often guaranteeing customers its legitimacy! 

STLTH Competitor and how are they different?

STLTH vs Cigarettes

Now that we’ve gone over the specifics of STLTH, you might be wondering why someone would choose a tobacco alternative over traditional tobacco. In a newsletter from June 2020 Medical News Today reported that while neither smoking nor vaping offer any health benefits, smoking is more harmful. Most cigarettes, when burned, produce around 7,000 chemicals. In a post from July 2020, states that at least 69 of the chemicals found in cigarettes are known carcinogen. The vape industry is still young, and while more research needs to be done on the long term effects of vaping, the consensus is that vaping is less harmful than traditional cigarettes for adult smokers. This October 2019 position statement by the Royal College of Physicians UK outlines the risk of vaping versus smoking and maintains that proper regulation and quality control for e-liquid plays a major role in tobacco harm reduction for adult smokers.  

We strongly believe that non-smokers should not start smoking or vaping. However, for adult nicotine users, STLTH’s mouth-to-lung draw is similar to that of a cigarette, as is it’s portability since it can be slipped easily into a pocket or purse for travel. 

Stlth vs Juul  

Whether you’ve used closed pod devices or not, you’ve likely heard of JUUL. The JUUL originally gained its popularity among young adults because of its sleek design and smooth draw. However, the popularity of JUUL has been on the decline in recent years due to the changing regulations on nicotine products. These new regulations mean JUUL pods are available in only three flavours; menthol, Virginia tobacco, and golden tobacco. JUUL pods are available in the three standard nicotine level equivalents; 1.5%, 3%, and 5%. The pods contain 0.7ml of e-liquid per pod and are available in packs of 4. The JUUL contains a 200mAh internal battery which will power the device for roughly 200 puffs. JUUL also requires a device-specific dock in order to charge, which can be a hassle for charging on the go, and a major headache to replace if it’s lost.  


Another device that you may have heard of is the VUSE, or VYPE as it was previously known. The VUSE features a 350mAh internal battery and it’s USB charging port making it an excellent alternative to the JUUL. The VUSE pods were also an improvement on the JUUL, containing 1.8ml of e-liquid. Sold in packs of two, and available in the three standard nicotine level equivalents, the VUSE pod packs cost less than the JUUL pods with one additional ml of e-liquid. There have been some reports by VUSE users of pods coming loose and detaching from the device in their pockets, however many were willing to put up with that in exchange for more battery life and a larger juice capacity. Unfortunately, being an American company, VUSE is bound to the same flavour restrictions as JUUL, meaning that their previously expansive selection of flavours is being cut back to only menthol and tobacco flavours. 

STLTH  Knockoffs and Third party companies

As mentioned earlier, STLTH carries the largest flavour variety of any closed pod brand, so there’s really no need to take the risk of off-brand pods to find the flavour and nicotine level that works for you. However, that hasn’t prevented knock-off STLTH pods from hitting the market, so we felt it important to address the risk of using these off brand pods.

Aside from the potential to burn out your device with untested e-liquid, the biggest risk of using off-brand pods is actually a health and safety risk. The problem, when it comes to off-brand pods is that regardless of what the package says, we don’t really know what’s in them. STLTH is a Canadian company whose products are designed, manufactured, and distributed in Canada. STLTH therefore must comply with all of Canada’s product safety and quality assurance standards. Buying off-brand or counterfeit STLTH pods means you could be using a product that doesn’t meet Canadian safety standards. Without strong product regulations and testing there’s no guarantee that the ingredients in knock-off STLTH pods are safe for consumer use. 

As with any counterfeit industry, the more popular an imitation product becomes, the more available it becomes, and the more difficult it becomes to regulate. The sale of off-brand STLTH compatible pods creates an avenue for potentially more dangerous knock-offs to hit the market, putting STLTH users at increased risk. Z-pods, Pop-pod, and Ultra S pods all market themselves as being ‘S’ compatible, which is to say that they can be used in the STLTH device, however they have not been tested for safety compliance by STLTH. NYX urges STLTH users to be cautious in the purchase of S compatible pods and only choose pods from STLTH’s official co-brands as listed on their website.       

 Common Question

Here at NYX we get quite a few questions about STLTH. For your convenience, here are some of the most common questions and their answers.

Q: How much do STLTH pods cost in Toronto? Answer: All of our NYX ECIGS stores carry STLTH pods for $14.99.

Q: How many pods come in a pack? Answer: There are three STLTH pods in one pack.

Q: Are STLTH pods refillable? Answer: No. STLTH pods cannot be refilled, and we do not recommend attempting to open STLTH pods as this could result in damage to your pod, your device, or your health.  

Q: How long do STLTH pods last? Answer: The life of each pod varies depending on frequency of use. STLTH found that for most users a single pod lasts between 2 and 5 days. 

Q: Does STLTH have nicotine free pods? Answer: STLTH currently carries three nicotine options; 20mg. 35mg, and 50mg. 

Q: Where can I buy STLTH pods? Answer: NYX carries STLTH pods at all our retail locations.

Q: How should I store my STLTH pods? Answer: STLTH pods should be stored at room temperature in their seal packaging until you’re ready to use them. 

Q: Do STLTH pods expire? Answer: STLTH pods have a shelf life of approximately one year. The expiration date can be found on the foil of the packaging. 

Q: How long does the STLTH device take to charge? Answer: Your STLTH device will charge fully in 1.5 hours

Q: How should I dispose of my empty STLTH pods? Answer: As part of their plan to minimize the environmental impact of disposable pods, STLTH has implemented a recycling program for empty pods. Simply return your empty STLTH pods to one of the drop off locations and STLTH will handle the rest. Drop off locations can be found in any of our NYX ECIGS retail locations.


Every once in a while a vape device will act up a bit. Generally it’s no cause for concern and the problem can be solved quickly and effectively. If you notice a decline in your device performance, here are a few easy things you can try to correct the issue. 

  1. Charge your device. Make sure your device is fully charged as indicated by the white charging light at the base of the device. If the device isn’t charging, try using a new cable or switching power sources before continuing. 
  2. Leaking pod? On occasion, STLTH pods may leak due to temperature changes or usage inconsistency. Luckily there’s an easy fix. Simply remove the pod from the device. Wipe away any excess liquid using a dry tissue. Then place the tissue over the mouth-piece of the pod and blow into the bottom to remove any condensation from inside the pod. Place the pod back into the device and vape as usual. 
  3. Clean the device. Use a dry cotton swab to sweep debris away from the metal connectors in the pod port. Repeat on the connectors on the base of the pod. 
  4. Switch pods. Sometimes a pod might end up with faulty connectors, and there was never a problem with the device at all. Switching pods will be the fastest way to confirm this issue. 


“My STLTH pods crackle when I vape, is that normal?” 

STLTH uses cotton coils in their pods which can cause a crackling sound when in use. This is completely normal and poses no health or safety risk.

“Is STLTH going to stop making flavours?” 

With the recent restrictions on e-liquid flavours which we saw affect brands such as JUUL and VUSE, the possibility that STLTH may face a similar fate is a concern we hear a lot. However, at this time STLTH has not been affected by flavour restrictions and will continue to offer a wide variety of flavours in all nicotine concentrations.   

“Do STLTH pods contain Vitamin E Acetate or diacetyl?”

All of the STLTH e-liquid contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine, and food-grade flavouring.  There are absolutely no traces of Vitamin E Acetate or Diacetyl within the flavouring of these pods. 

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