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Posted on 16 February 2021

What is a Closed Pod System?

As the name implies, a closed pod system is any vape device whose compatible pods cannot be refilled once the e-liquid has been used up. All closed pod systems are similar in their design, with the body of the device containing an internal battery, a port for charging the device, and a port for attaching compatible pods. Closed pod devices have been rising in popularity in recent years thanks to their simplistic design. The compatible pods are purchased pre-filled with e-liquid, then all you have to do is click the pod into your device and vape. No finicky buttons or messy e-liquid spills. Closed pod systems don’t use the fire button activation or adjustable settings that more complex devices rely on, ensuring closed pod users the best experience with minimal effort. Their size and ease of use make closed pod systems ideal for anyone who wants to try vaping without the hassle of learning ohm's law, as well as those of us who value convenience, want to take our devices with us on the go, or have concerns regarding dexterity and button accessibility. The drawbacks of closed pod systems are of course the limited flavour and nicotine selections, with most brands only offering three options of nicotine strength. However, as closed pod systems gain traction in the vape industry, brands are expanding their e-liquid menu to include more flavour options. This is great news for closed pod users who appreciate both simplicity and choice. At this point, you may be thinking that closed pod devices sound pretty similar to disposable devices, so I’d like to take a moment to address the differences. It’s true that both device styles are quite easy to use, as well as being smaller and more portable than most other systems, however, there is one major difference; charging. Closed pod systems contain a rechargeable battery that give them an edge over disposable devices in both the economical and environmental arena. Pods contain more e-liquid than disposables and are purchased in packs of three or four. When we consider that the price of a pack of pods is roughly the same as a single disposable, the financial benefit is clear. In addition, the ability to recharge a pod device saves you from having to throw away an entire device every few days and helps keep harmful lithium batteries out of landfills. To learn more about closed pod systems as well as other device styles you can check out this post for a more in-depth explanation of the most common vape device systems available in the industry today. 


Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what a closed pod system is, let’s discuss some of the most common closed pod devices. First up is JUUL. Whether you’ve used closed pod devices or not, you’ve likely heard of JUUL. The JUUL originally gained its popularity among young adults because of its sleek design and smooth draw. However, the popularity of JUUL has been on the decline in recent years due to the changing regulations on nicotine products. These new regulations mean JUUL pods are available in only three flavours; menthol, Virginia tobacco, and golden tobacco. JUUL pods are available in the three standard nicotine level equivalents; 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg. The pods contain 0.7ml of e-liquid per pod and are available in packs of 4. The JUUL contains a 200mAh internal  battery which will power the device for roughly 200 puffs. JUUL also requires a device specific dock in order to charge. Depending on your frequency of use, that could mean having to carry the charger with you during the day, and the potential of having to replace the dock if it gets lost. After taking all of this into consideration it’s not hard to see that there are more than a few drawbacks to JUUL and many people are feeling like JUUL just isn’t worth the investment. Luckily for all of us closed pod users, devices such as STLTH are a great solution to many of those drawbacks.


Another device that you may have heard of is the VUSE, or VYPE as it was previously known. The VUSE features a 350mAh internal battery and it’s USB charging port made it an excellent alternative to the JUUL. The VUSE pods were also an improvement on the JUUL, containing 1.8ml of e-liquid. Sold in packs of two, and available in the three standard nicotine level equivalents, the VUSE pod packs cost less than the JUUL pods with one additional ml of e-liquid. There have been some reports by VUSE users of pods coming loose and detaching from the device in their pockets, however many were willing to put up with that in exchange for more battery life and a larger juice capacity. Unfortunately, being an American company, VUSE is bound to the same flavour restrictions as JUUL, meaning that their previously expansive selection of flavours is being cut back to only menthol and tobacco flavours. But what about those of us who prefer something sweeter than the standard tobacco flavours? Well, good news! It seems that STLTH has finally found a solution to our many closed pod concerns.    

Does NYX ECIGS carry any Closed Pod Systems?

Here at NYX the STLTH device is the only closed pod system we carry, and it’s definitely a favourite of ours for many reasons that I’m excited to tell you about. As with other closed pod devices, to use the STLTH you simply click the pod into place and vape. When the pod is empty, discard it and replace it with a new one, maintaining the convenience that closed pod systems are known for. The STLTH device itself features a 420mAh battery, twice as large as the JUUL, a USB charging port at the base of the device, and an indicator light so that you’ll always know how much battery you have left. The pod itself fits securely into the device using two magnets and a rubber o-ring, so there’s no need to worry about it coming loose in your pocket. STLTH pods are available in the three standard nicotine levels, 20mg, 35mg, and 50mg. The pods are available in packs of three and contain 2ml of e-liquid per pod, adding up to 2.4 more ml of juice than VUSE, and 3.2 more than JUUL, while still costing less than the JUUL pods. STLTH has 11 brand label flavours including tobacco, mango, blue raspberry, and menthol. STLTH is also well known for their flavour collaborations with popular juice companies such as Naked100 and Fruitbae, putting some of the most popular e-liquid flavours into STLTH compatible pods and giving more flavour options to STLTH users than any other closed pod system. As well as having the most flavour options and being very reasonably priced, STLTH is a Canadian company, which means they aren’t bound to the same flavour restrictions as JUUL and VUSE. STLTH users can feel good about supporting canadian businesses and be confident in the fact that their favourite flavours aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  


Closed pod devices are the most accessible way to make the transition into vaping. With so many devices available it’s important to consider features such as flavour options, battery life, and price point when deciding which device will be best for you. Personally, I’d give the edge to STLTH for its battery life, juice capacity, and flavour selection. Retailing for $14.99 and with more than 35 flavours to choose from, it’s a low risk investment that almost guarantees you’ll find something you like. 

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