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The Difference between Pod Systems and Mod Vapes

Posted on 13 January 2021

What are Pod Systems?

Pod systems are portable, easy to use alternatives to traditional Mod Vapes. Pod system devices were designed to bridge the previous gap between power and practicality, introducing a far more user friendly vape experience to the industry. The key differences you’ll find between mod devices and pod systems are in their size and settings. Pod systems are lighter and more compact than most mods, and their user friendly settings make them far less daunting. Pod systems have been instrumental in easing the transition from smoking to vaping. Their signature design features such as convenience, portability, and ease of use make pod system devices particularly beginner friendly. 

There are three categories of pod systems. Every pod device can be classified as either: 

Disposables: The easiest to use. Disposable vapes such as Ghost are one simple step. Vape. You don’t charge the device, change the coils or the juice. You simply select the flavour and nicotine strength that you prefer, and start using your device. Some disposable devices such as Ghost are available in multiple sizes, usually between 500 and 2000 puffs. The accessibility of Disposable makes them an easy choice for people who are new to vaping, especially those looking to switch from cigarettes. If you vape regularly, you’ll notice that the cost of purchasing a disposable vape multiple times a week does add up quickly. However, if cost isn’t a concern, Disposable can be a great option for anyone who is a fan of MTL vaping, since disposables usually have the tightest draw of all vape systems. 

Closed Pod SystemClosed pod systems refer to any device that features a pod which can be removed from the device but not opened or refilled. Unlike disposables, closed pod devices can be recharged, so you don’t have to throw the whole device away. To use a closed pod device all you have to do is click the pod into place and vape the same as you would with a disposable. Once the juice runs out, you throw away the old pod and put in a new one. Pods last significantly longer than Disposable, making them the more budget friendly option, and because the devices can be recharged, they save our landfills from harmful lithium batteries, meaning they’re more environmentally friendly as well. The convenience of closed pod systems is their primary advantage, allowing users to reuse their devices, change their nicotine level, or try new flavours without the hassle of e-liquid spills or messy coil installation. This is where the STLTH shines. STLTH users love the ease of a pod system where all they have to do is replace the pod when it’s empty. There’s no juice on your fingers, and no additional steps other than charging the device. The downfall of closed pod systems, as with disposables, can be the limited selection of flavours and nicotine levels. 

Open Pod Systems: Open Pod systems are devices that feature pods which can be opened and refilled. Open pod devices maintain the convenience of the devices discussed earlier, while allowing the user more options and customizability. The flavour options for open pod systems are virtually endless, because you get to choose your own e-liquid. Open Pod systems are also the most flexible device style when it comes to nicotine levels, because most devices will have pod or coil options that are compatible with both freebase and salt nicotine e-liquid. More coil options means a more personalized vape experience, so you’re guaranteed to find something that meets your needs. For example, the Aegis Boost has 2 coil options, a 0.4oHm coil and a 0.6oHm coil that use a higher wattage to provide a warm hit with their juice of your choice. When starting out with an open pod system, you’ll need to purchase coils and juice. However, a pack of coils and a bottle of juice for an open pod device will last significantly longer than a pack of closed pods, making open pod devices the lowest cost pod devices long term. For many vape users, messy coils changes and spilled e-liquid is a major pet-peeve. No one likes getting vape juice all over their fingers. Luckily there are plenty of tips and tricks for new vape users to keep spills to a minimum. Practice makes perfect as they say, and once seasoned you’ll find yourself enjoying a smooth coil installation and pod fill process with little to no mess so that you can enjoy all the variety that an open pod system has to offer.

What are Mod Vapes?

A mod vape is a style of vape device that uses the same functional elements as a classic e-cigarette, but has been or can be modified to suit an individual's vaping preferences. There are three types of classic mods; all in one or AIOs, box mods, and mechanical or mech mods. Each type caters to a different experience level. For the purpose of this post, we’ll be focusing mostly on box mods because they’re the most popular and most versatile mod style. In practical use, the term mod refers to only the battery portion of a vape unit, which can be purchased individually, or together with a compatible tank and coil set in a starter kit. Mod devices are all about individual vaping preferences, so there can be a lot of variation between devices. A few key elements that will help you identify a mod device are power, size, and tank style. 

In vaping, as with most things, power and size go hand in hand. The more powerful a mod is, the larger its battery has to be, so mods themselves tend to be larger and heavier than other devices to account for the extra battery capacity. All that power is necessary because mod devices are intended for sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm refers to the resistance of the coil as being below 1.0ohms. We’ll discuss sub-ohm vaping in more detail later.

Customizability can be a good indicator of a mod device as well. Many mod devices allow the user to adjust more advanced settings such as wattage, voltage and temperature. Customizability can be difficult to spot if you're new to vaping, but luckily there’s another, more obvious indicator of a mod device; the way the atomizer connects to the battery. Unlike pods, which click into place and are secured with magnets, mod devices use interchangeable glass tanks that are twisted onto the battery with a standard 510 thread. The 510 thread design is essential for the customizability that mod users value because it transcends the brand limits that pod systems are bound to. For example; let's say you’re using the Smok morph starter kit, and really love the touch screen design of the mod, but you tried your friends Uwell crown 4 kit and found you enjoy the flavour produced by that kit more than your own. A standard thread means you don’t have to choose between the flavour or touch screen features of each device. You can simply buy the Uwell crown 4 tank on its own, attach it to your Smok SCAR-18 mod and achieve your ideal vaping experience. 

What are Pod Mods?

Earlier we briefly discussed the three types of classic mods, but there is a fourth type of mod device that’s relatively new in the vape industry. Pod mods are a unity of pod convenience and mod power. Pod mod devices are capable of significantly higher power output compared to regular pod systems and can therefore be used as sub-ohm devices similarly to classic mods. The Smok RPM160, for example, maxes out at 160 watts, making it over 10 times more powerful than some earlier pod devices from the same brand. Featuring a 0.15ohm coil and a refillable plastic pod, the Smok RPM160 is a pod device capable of vapour production that rivals some classic mod systems. Pod mod devices manage to fit a lot of power into a small package while maintaining customizable settings that pod users of the past could only dream about. Many pod mod devices, such as the Uwell Aeglos, offer mod style features that allow users to track their puff count, monitor voltage, and optimize for their coil resistance. Even with it’s added features the Uwell Aeglos is sleeker and more compact and twice as powerful than pod systems like the Uwell Crown. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself ‘what about people who need the portability of a pod device, but want the challenge of experimenting with RBAs?’, then I have some excellent news for you. As the popularity of pod mod devices continues to rise, more and more brands are coming up with ways for pod users to get in on all the rebuildable fun. Pod mod users now have the option to use rebuildable coils in devices like the Voopoo Drag X, thanks to the release of new products like the pnp rba coil, and the pnp 510 tank which can be used to turn mods into pods and vice versa. If you’re thinking about trying a pod mod system there are a few things to be aware of. Mainly, coils, pods, and modifiers tend to be brand or model specific, so if you do want to experiment with an rba or pod/tank combo, you’ll have to spend some time learning which products work with your device. On the plus side, the more there is to learn, the more options you have to find exactly what works for you. Pod mods work as portable, everyday vape devices, as well as hobby vapes that can adapt to your preferences. It’s their unmatched versatility that make pod mod vapes the best of both worlds.

Which type of vape is right for you? 

Device for switching from cigarettes: 

Smok Nfix Starter Kit. A great first device, the Smok Nfix is an open pod device designed for salt nicotine that allows you to adjust your nicotine level as you transition to being smoke free. It’s draw is similar to that of a cigarette, and small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it with you anywhere. The Smok Nfix holds more e-liquid than similar sized devices with a 3ml capacity so you won’t have to refill it as often.

Device for casual use:

The Voopoo Drag X it’s an ideal device for beginner to intermediate experience vape users. It’s a pod device so it can be used with salt nicotine, but its higher wattage capability means the Drag x won’t have a problem powering through high VG freebase e-liquid. The Voopoo Drag X is also compatible with the pnp rba coil and pnp tank, so you have more control over your vaping experience as you learn more about your preferences

Device for the e-liquid sommelier:

Flavour is an important part of the vaping experience, but for some users it’s the most important part. If your goal is the best flavour from every hit, the Uwell Crown 4 kit is definitely the one to try. Uwell has always been an industry leader with their flavour enhancing coils and the self cleaning tank technology featured in Crown 4 kit. The Uwell crown 4 kit is a powerful mod kit designed to be used with freebase e-liquid to provide a flavourful hit and full cloud.

Vape devices are more flexible and user friendly than ever before. Pod systems and mod devices both have their benefits, and now with the introduction of pod mod systems you really can have a device that’s the best of both worlds,  

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