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Posted on 01 April 2023

Voopoo Box Mods

If you're looking for a powerful vaping experience with longer battery life and greater vapor production, then a box mod vape might be just what you need. In this blog, we'll provide you with everything you need to know about mod vapes, including what they are, how they work, and some of the top brands available in the market.

What is a Box Mod Vape?

In addition to the unique rectangular design, a box mod vape also typically includes additional features that make it stand out from other types of e-cigarettes. These features often include an OLED screen that displays information about the device's battery life, wattage, voltage, and coil resistance. This information can be used by the user to adjust their vaping experience to their specific preferences and needs.

Another advantage of box mod vapes is that they often have larger e-liquid tanks than traditional e-cigarettes, allowing users to vape for longer periods of time without having to refill their tank. This makes them a convenient choice for vapers who are always on the go and don't have time to stop and refill their device frequently.

Some box mod vapes also have temperature control capabilities, which allow users to set a specific temperature range for their device. This feature can prevent the device from overheating and producing a burnt taste, which can be unpleasant and ruin the vaping experience. Temperature control also allows users to experiment with different e-liquids and find the optimal temperature range for each flavour.

Furthermore, box mod vapes are often compatible with a wide range of atomizers and tanks, giving users more options to customize their vaping experience. Users can choose from a variety of coils, resistance levels, and materials, allowing them to tailor their device to their specific preferences and needs.

Overall, box mod vapes offer a highly customizable and versatile vaping experience that is well-suited for both beginners and experienced vapers. With unique designs, longer battery life, more power, bigger vapor clouds, and advanced features, box mod vapes have become a popular choice among the vaping community.

How Do Box Mod Vapes Work?

To understand how box mod vapes work, it is important to take a closer look at their components and how they work together. At the heart of every box mod vape is the battery, which is responsible for providing power to the device. The battery is typically rechargeable and can be either internal or external, depending on the model of the box mod vape.

The battery is connected to the device's circuitry, which includes a microprocessor and a range of sensors that monitor the device's performance and adjust settings as needed. The microprocessor controls the device's various features, including the wattage and voltage settings that control the temperature of the coil.

The coil is one of the most important components of a box mod vape, as it is responsible for heating the e-liquid and producing the vapor that the user inhales. The coil is typically made of a resistance wire, such as kanthal, nichrome, or stainless steel, that is wrapped around a wick or cotton material.

The wick or cotton material is responsible for absorbing the e-liquid and delivering it to the coil. When the coil is heated, the e-liquid is vaporized, and the vapor is then inhaled by the user.

The wattage and voltage settings on a box mod vape control how hot the coil gets and, in turn, how much vapor is produced. Increasing the wattage or voltage will produce more heat, which results in a larger volume of vapor. However, it is important to note that increasing the wattage or voltage beyond the coil's recommended range can cause the coil to overheat and burn out.

In summary, box mod vapes work by using a battery to power a microprocessor and sensors that control the temperature of the coil. The coil is wrapped around a wick or cotton material, which absorbs the e-liquid and produces vapor when heated. The wattage and voltage settings on the device control the amount and thickness of the vapor produced, giving users a highly customizable vaping experience.

How Much Do Box Mods Cost?

The cost of box mods can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including their features, brand, and build quality. Entry-level box mods can typically be purchased for around $30, making them an affordable option for vapers who are just starting out. These basic models may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive devices, but they can still provide a satisfying vaping experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, high-end box mods can cost over $100 or more. These models often feature advanced technology and customizable settings that allow users to fine-tune their vaping experience to their specific preferences. Some of the more expensive models may include touch screens, temperature control, and other advanced features that are not available on entry-level models.

In addition to the cost of the device itself, users will also need to factor in the cost of accessories such as atomizers, coils, and batteries. Depending on the type of atomizer used, users may need to purchase replacement coils on a regular basis, which can add to the overall cost of using a box mod vape.

Overall, the cost of box mods can vary widely depending on a number of factors, but there are options available for vapers at all price points. When considering purchasing a box mod vape, it is important to take into account factors such as build quality, brand reputation, and the specific features that are most important to the user. By doing research and shopping around, vapers can find a box mod vape that meets their needs and budget.

Top Box Mod Vape Brands

  1. Vaporesso - Vaporesso is a well-known brand in the vaping industry, known for their high-quality box mod vapes. Their devices offer great value for money, with many features such as temperature control, fast charging, and high wattage output.
  2. Geekvape - Geekvape is another popular brand in the vaping community. Their box mod vapes are known for their durability, performance, and customization options. They've got all kinds of stuff for sale, from easy-to-use starter gadgets to fancy top-of-the-line ones.
  3. Smok - Smok is a trusted brand in the vaping community, known for their innovative designs and user-friendly devices. Their box mod vapes are some of the most popular in the market, offering high wattage output and temperature control options.
  4. Voopoo - Voopoo is a relatively new brand in the vaping industry, but they've quickly gained popularity among vapers. Their box mod vapes offer advanced features such as a Gene.Fan chipset, which provides a fast ramp-up time and precise temperature control.

Box Mods at NYX E-Cigs


Box mods offer a powerful and customizable vaping experience. With a variety of brands and models available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. However, with this guide, you'll have a better understanding of what mod vapes are, how they work, and some of the top brands available in the market. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, mod vapes are definitely worth considering for your next vaping device.

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