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Posted on 17 February 2023

GeekVape T200 Starter Kit

The GEEKVAPE T200 CRC starter kit is a newly released device by GEEKVAPE, known for their durable and tough products with IP68 ratings for protection against water, dust and high levels of shock. This particular kit is the brand's second generation touch screen device and will be evaluated for its performance and suitability as a sub-ohm device for you.


The GEEKVAPE T200 CRC starter kit comes with the T200 device (without batteries), a Z SE Tank that has a 0.15ohm coil pre-installed, one Z series replacement coil with a resistance of 0.4ohm, a spare parts pack, a coil removal tool, a spare bulb glass with a capacity of 5.5mL, and a USB TYPE-C cable.


GeekVape T200 Dual Battery Graphic

The dimensions of the device are 31.12mm in width, 56.05mm in depth, and 141.25mm in height. The output modes include POWER, TC-SS, TC-TCR, VPC, SMART, and BYPASS. The adjustable output power range is 5W to 200W with increments of 1W per adjustment. The maximum output current is 45A, and the maximum output voltage is 12V. The charging port is a Type-C port, and the resistance range of the cartridge is between 0.1OHM and 2OHM. The device runs on external double 18650 batteries, and the display screen is a 2.4-inch TFT touch colour screen. The operating temperature is between 10°C and 60°C, the storage temperature is between -30°C and 70°C, and the relative humidity is between 45%RH and 75%RH. The device has a natural cooling mode.


Geekvape T200 Starter Kits

The GEEKVAPE T200 is a visually appealing device measuring 141.3mm x 31.12mm x 56.05mm and features a comfortable leather back that provides a secure grip. It has a signature lock switch on the device's left side, which can prevent firing when activated. The fire button and USB Type-C port are located on the right side of the device and the USB port can be used for firmware updates or battery charging, however, it is recommended to use an external battery charger for safety.

The T200 is a touchscreen box mod that operates with two 18650 batteries and has a maximum output of 200W. The battery door is located at the bottom of the device and has a switch lock that is easy to open and close. Additionally, it has a special seal to prevent any liquid damage to the batteries and device. The top of the device features a 510 thread for easy swapping with different atomizers, such as RDA, RTA, and RDTA.

Furthermore, the T200 has a second-generation IP68 rating and is powered by GEEKVAPE's AS Chip 3.0. This chip assists in the device's different modes and the device is equipped with a 2.4-inch touch navigation screen.

The GEEKVAPE T200 has a touchscreen display that displays various readings and information. The battery life of each individual battery can be found in the screen's top left and right corners. The lock/unlock status of the device is located in the top center of the screen. The currently selected mode, with the wattage/temperature rating in large font, is displayed in the center of the screen. The puff counter, which lights up based on the duration of inhalation, is located in the bottom left corner. On the bottom left, there is also a list showing the amps used out of the two batteries, the resistance reading in ohms, and the voltage output while in use.


The GEEKVAPE T200 offers 4 dynamic user interface themes for customization and personalization. The screen options include:


  • This mode automatically reads the coil being used and gives the best wattage option.
  • The wattage can be adjusted by tapping the number on the screen, scrolling up or down to select the preferred wattage output, and then pressing "OK" to set the number on the device.


  • In this mode, the wattage output setting can be adjusted.
  • The wattage can be adjusted by tapping the number on the screen, scrolling up or down to select the preferred wattage output, and then pressing "OK" to set the number on the device.


  • This mode offers four options - TC-SS (Temperature Control - Stainless Steel), TC-TCR (Temperature Control - Temperature Coefficient of Resistance), VPC (Variable Power Curve), and BYPASS.
  • VPC allows users to customize the power curve every 0.5 seconds of vaping.
  • The other three modes can be controlled by the user by pressing and scrolling to select the desired temperature.


  • Users can select a theme to give the T200 a more personal touch.
  • The background on the device can be changed by selecting a wallpaper.
  • The brightness level of the screen can be adjusted.
  • The settings can be reset to default, the puff count on the device can be cleared, and the device's firmware can be updated through GEEKVAPE's website if new firmware is released.

When you are on your main setting, slide down on the screen to access the four different settings!


The GEEKVAPE Z SE CRC TANK is compatible with both the GEEKVAPE Z (ZEUS) replacement coil series and the older model of the GEEKVAPE Z coil series. The Z coil series included in the starter kit are newly-designed mesh coils that have a lifespan that is double that of the previous Z coil series. All models of the Z coil series can be used with the Z SE tank.


The GEEKVAPE Z SE TANK features a top airflow control design that minimizes the risk of leaks, in contrast to tanks with bottom airflow. The coil is easily replaced by pressing it into place from the bottom after unscrewing the base. The tank is filled by pressing and sliding the top cap to reveal the fill port.

To fill the tank, follow these steps:

  1. Press and slide the top cap to the left to reveal the fill port.
  2. Insert the nozzle of the e-juice bottle into the large open seal to fill the tank.
  3. Slide the cap back into place, ensuring that it clicks securely into place before using the tank.
  4. The airflow control ring is located near the top fill and can be adjusted with a 180-degree turn.


To replace the coil in the Z SE TANK, follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the atomizer to access the coil.
  2. Use either the coil tool that comes with the kit or your hands to remove the old coil.
  3. Insert the new coil and make sure it is properly press-fitted by ensuring the bottom of the coil is securely in place with its two small wings.



To summarize, the GEEKVAPE T200 CRC starter kit is an excellent choice for anyone in the sub-ohm vaping market. With a user-friendly touch screen, the T200 is ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers. The device is made to be durable and easily compatible with different types of atomizers, thanks to its 510 threading.

The included GEEKVAPE Z SE Tank is a top-notch device that offers leak-free vaping and the latest Z coil series for a long-lasting vaping experience. It's easy to install the coils too!

You can purchase the GEEKVAPE T200 CRC starter kit at NYX ECIGS for $102.99 in 7 different colours, including Azure Blue, Black, Blackish Green, Claret Red, Navy Blue, Rainbow, and Silver. The GEEKVAPE ZEUS 5-PACK Coil Series is also available for purchase at NYX ECIGS for $19.99.

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