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NYX ECIGS - Asmodus Extended Warranty

Posted on 01 February 2018

NYX ECIGS - Asmodus Extended Warranty - 90 days - Vape E liquid Ejuice Toronto Ontario Canada Markham North York Whitby Scarborough Free ShippingASMODUS EXTENDED WARRANTY

NYX ECIGS is now offering an extended warranty program on all asMODus units.

This program will give customers an extended warranty of 60 days, on top of the already-provided 30-day warranty on all devices under asMODus.

We at NYX ECIGS’ are happy to announce the 90-day warranty extension on all asMODus units for no additional cost. With this extended warranty, we will be able to replace devices on time within the duration of 90 days (certain restrictions may apply). With the introduction of this new program, we hope to increase convenience for customers!

Our warranty covers:

  • Faulty LED Screens
  • Faulty USB Charging Ports
  • Battery-read issues
  • Units that auto-fire
  • Chip malfunctions

Things not covered by our warranty include:

  • E-Liquids, tanks, atomizers, rebuildable tanks, mech mods
  • Batteries, battery chargers, drip tips, coils and other vape accessories
  • Damage caused to units through improper use and/or care
  • Damage caused to units through natural “wear and tear” of the device
  • Water damage, fire damage or damage caused by e-liquid spillage
  • Damage caused to units from being dropped
  • Units which have been altered or modified
  • (Damage caused by) Loss of/missing components
  • Leaky tanks
  • Damaged threads/crooked 510 connection
  • Cosmetic damage to the external finish of the device
  • Sticky or rattling buttons
  • Products which have surpassed the warranty period

Please note, all warranties done by NYX ECIGS will require a receipt or proof of purchase from our online store or retail store locations to be accepted for warranty. We will not do any warranties if we do not have proof of purchase.

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