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Posted on 31 January 2022

PAX 3 COMPLETE KITIf you're looking for a top-tier cannabis vaporizer that does it all, the PAX 3 COMPLETE KIT is exactly what you need in your life.  


The PAX 3 has so many added amenities that other herbal vaporizers don’t. It’s a dual-purpose device that can be used for dry herb and oil extracts depending on what your preferences are. It has a reliable 3500 mAh battery which is 17% more battery life than the PAX 2, which will last 8-10 sessions before requiring recharge. The PAX 3 vaporizer also has a fast-charging capability that can achieve full charge within 90 minutes. The device is highly efficient, heating up in about 22 seconds with four different temperature settings: 182°C, 193°C, 204°C, and 215°C. This vaporizer is designed with a lock feature which will automatically lock the device and power the unit off if left inactive and on standby for some time. 

The PAX 3 also has a haptic feedback feature with mouth detection, vibrating to indicate users when it is ready to be used or when the device turns on and off. What’s more, the manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty for the PAX 3 vaporizer so that users can feel assured with the quality of this product. 

Included with your PAX 3 COMPLETE KIT are the following: 

  • 1 Magnetic Charging Dock 
  • 1 Maintenance Kit 
  • 1 Multi-tool for packing dry herb 
  • 1 Concentrate Insert 
  • 1 Half Pack Oven Lid 
  • 1 Raised Mouthpiece 
  • 1 Protective Pouch

Smart Phone Compatibility: 

PAX Labs has developed an app that is accessible on Apple and Android OS, giving users more options for customizability and control over the PAX 3 device itself. You can monitor battery levels, customize the device’s LED colours, disable or enable haptic feedback and you're also able to lock the device while carrying it. Within the app you can control the device’s operating temperature with precision, setting the device to your exact desired temperature, or switching through 60+ dynamic heating modes. 


 Why you need a PAX 3: 


If you use cannabis and are in search of a reliable vaporizer, the PAX 3 is an excellent choice; being a smart, compact and discreet vaporizer that you can easily bring anywhere. With this device, you are able to customize: the exact kind of hit you like, all of the different temperature settings, heat modes, light-colour settings, vibration settings- the PAX 3 vaporizer really does it all! Whether you use oils, wax, concentrates, or loose leaf, the PAX 3 will surely be the perfect vaporizer for you!

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