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Posted on 18 April 2022


When you’re on the go, vaping can be a hassle. Changing coils, filling juice, and making sure your device is charged for the day; it's not always easy. We understand that. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five vapes for people who are always on the go!  



The first device we recommend for on-the-go individuals is the STLTH. It is the most user friendly device you can get. Because the STLTH uses replaceable pre-filled pods, there’s little to no maintenance that users need to worry about. All of what you need to get started using this closed pod system is the STLTH Battery Device, which has a battery capacity of 420mAh and a 3-Pack of pre-filled STLTH Pods. Then you're ready to go! There are over 60 different STLTH POD flavors to choose from. The liquid capacity of the pods is 2ML, and how long the pods will last you depends on how much you hit your device. There are four different nicotine strengths that most of the STLTH PODS offered at NYX ECIGS come in, including 0mg, 20mg, BOLD 35, BOLD 50 Salt Nicotine. The STLTH 3-Pack Pods and the STLTH BATTERY Device are both available at NYX ECIGS for $14.99. 



The second device on our list is none other than the UWELL KOKO PRIME. The KOKO PRIME is an open pod system, meaning it uses refillable 2ML pods which require replacement after some time. This device is ultra-simplistic, being buttonless and activated just by inhale. The replacement pods are designed to be easily refilled with any e-liquid of the user’s choice. There are two different pods that users can use with their KOKO PRIME, both providing a slightly differing vaping experience. The 0.8OHM Mesh Pods and the 1.2OHM pods both come in a 2-pack for $10.99. Depending on use, these pods can last users anywhere from two days to over a week. The KOKO PRIME also has a dual airflow system that users can use to customize their vape to their preferences for a more restrictive or less restrictive inhale. 

The KOKO PRIME device has a 690mAh battery capacity that will last you all day. With a full charge of battery, this device has a maximum output of 15 watts, but depending on the pod you're using, the device will automatically adjust the wattage range so your coils aren’t burning out too quickly. One of the best things about this device is its auto-draw activation. There are no buttons so there isn’t a risk of the device accidentally firing in your pocket or bag. The KOKO PRIME POD KIT is $34.99 and sold at all NYX stores and online. 



Third on our list is the UWELL WHIRL T1. With its 1300mAh internal battery capacity, the battery on this device will last you all day no matter what you're doing. The WHIRL T1 has a wattage range of 14-16 watts to give you the perfect hit even when your device is low in charge. The WHIRL T1 is also draw-activated, so there is no fuss over pushing buttons or any worry about the device accidentally activating in your pocket or bag. The pod for the WHIRL T1 does a lot for this device. For starters, the e-liquid capacity of the WHIRL T1 pods is 3ML with an easy bottom-fill design and an amazing inner seal to prevent leaking as much as possible. On the bottom of the pods, there are three different power settings indicated on each corner of the pod. The output of power when vaping is determined by the corner of the pod which faces the screen on the device upon installation. This gives users more control over their vaping experience. 

The WHIRL T1 will be suitable for vaping freebase nicotine e-liquid and salt nicotine e-liquid. If you're wanting to use freebase nicotine e-liquid,  it’s recommended that you use the third power setting. For use with salt nicotine e-liquid, it’s recommended to use the first or second power setting. There is also adjustable airflow control on the side of the pod to give you the kind of hit you're looking for. The WHIRL T1 is $29.99 and the replacement pods that come in a 2-pack are $9.49. 



Our fourth recommended device is the CALIBURN G2 . This open-pod device has a 750mAh internal battery and a 2ML e-liquid capacity that will last you all throughout your day when you're on the go. This device offers button or draw activation and has a maximum wattage output of 18W. The CALIBURN G2 REPLACEMENT PODS come in two different variations depending on the kind of hit you’re looking for. The 0.8OHM mesh pods will provide users with a restrictive direct-to-lung hit and the 1.2OHM mesh pods will produce a mouth-to-lung hit. There is also an adjustable airflow control built into the bottoms of the pods to allow users more control over their vaping experience. The CALIBURN G2 replacement pods have a snap-off cap design and can be easily refilled from the top to reduce as much leaking as possible. The CALIBURN G2  is $33.99 and the 2-pack of replacement pods are $11.99 at all NYX locations! 


The final vape on the list of Top 5 Vapes on the Go is the ASPIRE FAVOSTIX. This is a pod mod device with a 1000mAh internal battery, so you will never have to worry about your device running out of charge while you’re out and about. This device is variable wattage, offering an adjustable range of 1-30 watts that can be set to produce the perfect hit for you! The ASPIRE FAVOSTIX has auto-draw capability and is also button activated. The ASPIRE FAVOSTIX PODS are bottom-fill with a 2ML e-liquid capacity, and come in two different variations; the 1.0OHM pod can be used with salt nicotine e-liquid and is best used in between 12-15W, while the 0.8OHM pods can be used with freebase e-liquid and is best used in between 15-18W. The FAVOSTIX device is $31.99 and the 2-pack of replacement pods are $10.99.

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