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Posted on 14 June 2022

Menthol e-liquids are gaining fast popularity amongst the vaping crowd and it’s not hard to see why! Many vapers will agree that menthol can do a lot to elevate your vaping experience. Whether that is reducing the throat hit of a harsher e-liquid or lending a cool and refreshing sensation to your favourite flavour, menthol can add something special to any e-liquid! This blog is for the menthol lovers (and skeptics). Here are our top five menthol e-liquids to try! 

The first flavour on our list is KOIL KILLAZ BLITZ POLAR EDITION E-LIQUID. It features a delightful fruity blend of blueberry, watermelon, and pear with a satisfyingly cool exhale. In our opinion, this combination of flavours makes BLITZ POLAR the perfect juice for all day vaping!

Our second pick is the FRESA LOCO BY ORO E-LIQUID; a mix of sweet strawberry and ice. This e-juice has the best balance of fruit and menthol; great for anyone who prefers simpler flavours over mixed fruit flavours, but won’t sacrifice the ice! 

Making our list for third is the FRUITBAE BANANA E-LIQUID. This flavour is a fan favorite at all NYX locations for good reason. Many banana E-liquids tend to have a warm exhale to them, but this flavour will keep you refreshed with its icy finish. 

The fourth flavour on our list is the PINK BY LEMON DROP ICE E-LIQUID. Just when you thought pink lemonade couldn’t get any better, it does-with a little bit of ice! This flavour will be perfect for anyone looking to try menthol flavours for the first time. That’s because the balance of ice and pink lemonade is done perfectly, without being overwhelmingly cool! 

Finally, our fifth pick is the BLUEBERRY RASPBERRY BY BANANA BANG ICE E-LIQUID. If you are new to vaping, BANANA BANG is a great line to start with. This flavour consists of banana, blueberry and raspberry, finished with a light menthol to keep things nice and smooth! 

Find all of the above flavours available with Freebase Nicotine (60ML Bottle) and Salt Nicotine (30ML bottle) at your favourite local vape store, NYX ECIGS! Also visit us online at

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