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Airvape XS

Posted on 31 May 2017

In North America, the use of medical marijuana has increased over the years. Many people would use this substance to relieve the stress, anxiety, fear, pain or anger related to personal, psychological or family issues, sleep deprivation and much more.

It has also been stated that the Liberal government will announce legislation next month that will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018.

Many people are very new to the type of advanced technology we have to offer at NYX ECIGS but in the end, we try to offer a healthier alternative and offer full assistance to anyone interested.

When using marijuana, it can come in different forms - from wax to oil, to even dry herb but when having a device that specializes to your need, it can be more effective, affordable, and even less harmful to your body.

Now, we would like to introduce one of our newest dry herb vaporizers:

The AirVape XS

The portable vaporizer for dry herbs.

The AirVape XS not only comes in a very stylish, slim design, it is also very portable; not too heavy but most importantly, very easy to use!

This device features precise temperature control allowing you to set the unit anywhere up to 220 degrees Celsius. This gives you a large range to work with and most users will be satisfied between 180C and 215C. The AirVape XS features a 1300mAh rechargeable battery that was actually custom made for this device alone- marketed as a “high-quality battery” it has undergone a variety of tests by engineers for extreme conditions such as altitude simulation, thermal test, shock/impact, external short circuit and more! With a 1300mAh battery, this device should last you around 40 minutes to an hour depending on the duration of each session as well as the temperature you would use it at- but remember, the higher temperature you use, the faster your battery would drain (and vice versa), but the more hydrated your dry herb is, the higher your temperature should be at (and vice versa).

First, you would remove the mouthpiece exposing your ceramic heating chamber, grind up your herb, fill the chamber with your desired herb(s), and place the mouthpiece back on top of the unit.

To turn on your device, you must press the power button 3 times (quickly) and the temperature selection should pop up on the LED screen. The unit will automatically begin heating and will remember your set temperature for the next time you turn the unit on.

To set your temperature, use the up and down arrow to fine-tune your device for the perfect amount of heat. Once the temperature on the display reaches the set temperature the unit will vibrate to let you know it’s ready for use. Then simply takes draws from the glass mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor!

This unit also has an automatic shut-off timer- every time you turn the vape on there is a countdown timer on the screen you adjust it from 3 to 5 mins, and you can do this by pressing the up and middle button until it changes.

Don’t be alarmed when the AirVape XS vibrates! It will vibrate when it has been turned on when reached the set temperature, and once more when it has turned off.

AirVape XS Specifications:

  • For Loose Leaf
  • Weighs Only 3.2 oz
  • 48" Flat
  • Vibrating when ready
  • 1300 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds to Optimal Level
  • 3 Inch Screen Displaying: Battery Level, Temperature, Automatic Shutoff Timer
  • Two buttons, easy temperature control ↑↓
  • Micro USB Charging, Charge while use (if battery not depleted), 1 hr Charge Time
  • Dual Filter, 3 AirFlow Chamber mouthpiece
  • 200 F- 428F Temperature Scale
  • Oval Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • EZ AirPath (Isolated)
  • Sturdy, Metal Body
  • Measurements: 4.1" L x 1.8"W x .48"H
  • Materials: Steel, Li-Ion, Glass


  • AirVape Xs
  • Leather Carrying Case
  • USB Charger Cable + Wall Mount
  • Cleaning, Packing Tools
  • Filter Screens
  • Rubber Mouthpiece Cover
  • User Manual

If you have any further questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding the AIRVAPE XS, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Would you like us to go over anything in particular for our next blog? Email us your suggestions and we will gladly go over them! Once again, thank you for choosing NYX ECIGS.

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