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IQOS by Phillip Morris. Our Thoughts

Posted on 31 May 2017

Today we are going to be giving you guys a full review on the IQOS by Phillip Morris. The IQOS is Phillip Morris' attempt on creating a device which is smokeless, as a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. We have taken apart the packaging, and what we have found in the packaging is as follows:

  • IQOS Device
  • IQOS Pocket / Case Charger
  • Instruction Manual
  • Charging USB Cable
  • USB Wall Adapter
  • Cleaning Supplies

At first glance, the construction of the device looks very well built and feels solid. The outside of the IQOS and the charger itself is coated with a rubbery matte finish, which gives it a premium feel to it, which is very nice.

How this device actually works is not exactly the same as vaping. In vapes, the liquid nicotine within the E-Liquid would be heated and vapor would be produced in which you would inhale. With the IQOS, instead of purchasing E-Juice you would be purchasing packs of mini cigarettes. When I say mini cigarettes, I mean they are tiny. They still have tobacco in them, however, the difference is that you will be heating the tobacco to release the flavor of the tobacco and nicotine without combustion. We still believe that yes, even though there is no combustion and because of that, there will be a lot fewer chemicals being inhaled. There is tobacco inside these products, so when these HEET sticks are heated up, there will still be unwanted carcinogens being inhaled. On the packaging of the product, there is nowhere that states what is exactly inside the products. We feel that the vaping industry is a lot more transparent. We know exactly what is inside each E-Liquid. Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Liquid Nicotine, and food grade flavoring. With that being said, the whole idea behind vaping when it started up until now is still the same, is to provide smokers a healthier alternative to smoking. Moving away from tobacco and all those thousands of chemicals have proven time and time again, that you will feel a lot better vaping, than compared to smoking.

After testing out the device and use it. There is a major flaw we have found with this device. How the IQOS works is that you insert an HEET stick inside the IQOS and there will be a thin heating blade that heats up the tobacco. This blade is extremely thin and is prone to breaking. Even in the instructional manuals, they always bring up the point of, being careful while cleaning the inside of the IQOS. There is no way of replacing this heating blade within the device. Once it breaks, that's it. You would need to spend another $200 for a whole new device. Little do you know, after testing this product a few times, when loading the HEET stick into the IQOS device, the heating blade snapped and broke off.

There is a lot less regulatory processes they would need to do releasing this product than something else because this is still considered a tobacco product. They have already been doing tobacco products for so many years, so it is second nature to them. The end goal for them is exactly the same whether they say it or not. These products are extremely addictive and they want you to keep buying their products. It is just this product is in a different form. If you use the IQOS, and you still smoke cigarettes, you would now need to purchase the IQOS itself, keep buying these HEET sticks, and all the cleaning supplies. They realized that the vaping industry is a huge threat to them. They lost so many customers to vaping, they are doing this to prevent losing any more customers.

Overall final thoughts on this product. The IQOS by Phillip Morris would be fairly negative. We at NYX ECIGS feel that if you are already a smoker and are looking for a healthier alternative, this would be a viable option. The only issue with using this product is that it is going to be a lot more expensive than just smoking regular cigarettes because you would not only need to purchase the HEET sticks, you would also need to purchase the IQOS and all the cleaning supplies for it. Not to mention, the HEET stick only lasts for six minutes, or 14 puffs. After each use, you would need to recharge the IQOS, and the charger would only recharge your device for approximately 20 times. It is a lot more work just to get your nicotine fix using this device. Vaping would be a better way to go in our opinion because you can vape non-stop until you feel satisfied with your nicotine craving, if your device runs out of batteries, you can generally carry extra batteries and easily swap out and continue vaping. We are not saying vaping is safe and healthy for you. We are just saying that not doing any of this would be the best option and that vaping would be a better way to reduce harm, and not prevent harm.

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