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Posted on 03 February 2021



Contents inside the box

The packaging contents within the Aspire Favostix is packed simply with a few essential items needed for the unit itself. Inside you will find the Favostix device with a 1.0ohm pod pre-installed, a spare 0.6ohm replacement pod, a wonderful Type-C USB cable and a user manual:

  • 1x Favostix Device (1000 mAh)
  • 1x Favostix Pod 1.0ohm Preinstalled (2.0 ml) [12W-15W]
  • 1x Favostix Pod 0.6ohm (2.0 ml) [15W-18W]
  • 1 xType-C Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Aspire Favostix Specs

The Aspire Favostix Pod System has an immaculate battery life of 1000mAh, the pod’s capacity for holding e-liquid is 2ML, and it has an easy bottom filling on the pod which should make filling your pod much easier than other pod systems. This device has also adopted an OLED screen so it can show battery life and adjustable wattage range for their 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm coils! It also has an USB-C charging port for fast charging needs, activated by auto-draw and/or fire button, and it supports both nicotine salts and freebase e-liquids!

  • Easy bottom filling
  • Support both Nic salt and freebase e-liquid
  • Activated by auto draw and fire button
  • Adjustable wattage, wattage range:1-30W
  • Large battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • USB Type-C charging port
  • 0.42” OLED screen
  • 113 x 25 x 13.6mm kit dimensions


Build Quality: 9.5/10

For a compact pod system, this has impressed us a lot. The battery capacity is enough to last for more than a day of vaping out of a full charge when chain vaping, but can last up to 2-3 days for daily use! As for the pod capacity, the 2ML pod should be enough to get by your daily usage similar to the Caliburn G Pods as well. The flavour is flawless with the 1.0ohm and 0.6ohm coils. Both can do Mouth-to-Lung and the 0.6ohm coils has more airflow to do a restrictive direct lung. OLED screen is a plus to this device as it can show your battery life, which allows you to see the wattages and is adjustable up to 30W. In comparison to the Caliburn G, it does not have this feature which is very useful to see accurate details about the amount of power that goes into your pod


Design: 10/10

Design on a pod system is very huge and the Favostix has brought to our attention that when we first used the device, it really felt like a premium vape, similar to Vaporesso’s XROS. Feels fantastic on the hands, slim and sleek for those who are looking into replacing their current closed or open pod system. To compare, the XROS stands at 112mm in height, 23mm in width, and 13mm in length but the Favostix stands at 113mm in height, 25mm in width and 13.6mm in length which is slightly larger in size but definitely not noticeable. The weight of the unit sits at 46g making it extremely light and definitely not a baggage to carry around in your pockets. There are a multitude of colours that this unit comes in: Navy Blue, Quicksilver, Amethyst Purple, Jet Black, Space grey, Hunter Green, and Garnet Red. The colour that I am personally using is the Amethyst Purple and boy does it look classy!  


Vape Quality: 9.5/10

I was extremely impressed with the amount of vapour production coming out of this unit. Being so small it definitely pumps out pretty thick clouds. The kit comes with two different types of pods, one being the 1.0ohm Mouth-to-lung, and the 0.6ohm being Direct-lung. The 0.6ohm pod was the one I typically seem to be using the most with my freebase ORO Fresa Loco 6mg. Personally I thought that it was more so a restrictive direct lung feeling, I was not disappointed with the amount of clouds I was getting from just 15 watts. The 1.0ohm was very tight, which is a good thing and typically used for Nicotine Salts - the juice I was using on this pod was KAPOW Rocket Ship 12mg and was pretty satisfied with the flavour and hit I got out of this. Although it was a little too tight for my liking, I thoroughly enjoyed it the best at 14 watts; I found that 12 watts was a little too weak. Overall, I find that the Favostix was more on the moist side of vape quality, which is beneficial for maximum flavour. Compared to my Novo X, which was a little more on the dryer side, I seemed to slightly favour the Favostix and found myself using it a lot more frequently. 


Overall Experience: 9.7/10

I was pretty content and surprised when I first started using the Favostix because there are so many other units similar in form factor and design. Would I say that this is better than the XROS, Novo X, or the Caliburn G? Honestly, it all depends on what you are looking for at the end of the day. Open pod systems like this usually peak my interest since they are usually very easy to carry around during the day. For the Favostix, I am just glad that I have the ability to change out my wattage and use freebase on such a small device. However, the one little problem I have with this device is the fact that the filling method is located at the bottom of the pod, making it susceptible to leaking. I would have liked to see it located at the top with a detachable mouthpiece, similar to the Caliburn G and the XROS. Overall I really do enjoy the Favostix and will definitely keep this on me for daily use.



Simply to use

Pod size could be bigger

Compact and sleek

Filling method at the bottom of the pod

Big battery for its size

Auto draw/button activation

Adjustable Wattage

Great vapour production

Good Flavour

Type - C USB

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