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Posted on 08 February 2022





Disposable vape devices are the new uprising trend in the vaping industry. They are one-time-use vapes coming pre-filled with e-liquid, and have non-rechargeable built-in batteries for convenience. These devices are non-reusable and are designed to be discarded when their pre-filled e-liquid runs out.  Disposables have an excellent quality of flavour and airflow that allows for a great no-hassle vaping experience. 


NYX ECIGS sells the GHOST disposable vapes, with a selection of over 20+ flavours. The GHOST disposable vapes come in two sizes, the “XL” size which can be used for up to 800 puffs and a “Max” size for usage up to 2000 puffs. The GHOST disposable vapes are offered in the 20MG nicotine strength, as well as a “Bold 50” strength featuring a nicotine strength of 20MG with a heavier throat hit that’s perfect for the vapers missing the discontinued 35MG and 50MG nicotine strengths. 


Although disposable vape devices are ranked pretty close to the top when it comes to convenience and quality of vapour and flavour, using disposables can get expensive quickly when they’re the main vaping devices in your rotation. Depending on your frequency of use, a disposable vape can last you anywhere between one day of use and up to one week of use. What’s more, each disposable device contains an internal battery that gets thrown out after the end of a disposable vape’s short lifespan. For those concerned with their environmental footprint, this poses a waste disposal challenge with an environmental impact that’s not insignificant. 


Despite this, disposable vapes are great for anyone who isn't 100% sure about committing to vaping or a particular vaping product yet. And for regular vapers, disposable vapes can be a nice little treat every once in a while! 


Closed Pod Systems: 


Other than disposable vapes, Closed Pod System vapes are the next most user-friendly kinds of vaping devices available on the market. All of what you need to get started is a battery device and pre-filled pods. The pre-filled pods are proprietary to the brand/model of the device, and are usually sold in packs of three. In contrast with disposables, it is only the pods which are intended to be discarded after use, but the battery device itself is reusable with a rechargeable internal battery. Once the e-liquid runs out in your pre-filled pod, the pod can simply be thrown away and replaced with a new pre-filled pod. The battery device is also easily rechargeable. 


Comparing all of the flavour options there are between disposables and closed pod systems, one can easily see there is much more selection to choose from for closed pod systems vapes. The closed pod system offered at NYX ECIGS is the STLTH closed pod system. There are over 50 different flavoured pods to choose from at NYX ECIGS, and the STLTH Battery Device comes in a multitude of colours. Users are able to choose their preferred colour to match their style. In respect to nicotine strengths, STLTH gives users more choice than most disposable devices, being offered in: 20MG, Bold 35 and Bold 50, as well as Nicotine-free!


Because closed pod system devices are designed to be ultra-simplistic, there aren't as many options to customize one’s vaping experience like you would have with an open pod device or full sized starter kit. Users aren’t able to adjust any power or airflow settings. And although there is a wide array of flavours available, users would have even more options with an open pod system vape that is refillable.


But for someone who is new to vaping or just looking for something simple and low maintenance, closed pod system vapes are a great option to consider! Similar to disposable vapes, pre-filled pods will last users depending on their frequency of use. Because closed pod system devices are rechargeable, this makes them a lot more cost effective than disposable vapes, and this also means that less harmful battery waste is produced.


Finally, to compare the vaping experience between closed pod systems and disposable vapes, the former tends to produce a lesser amount of vapour that is lighter in flavour with a more restrictive pull. This is to purposely emulate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes. In contrast, the airflow on most disposables isn’t as restrictive and the vapour production and flavour payoff is greater. All in all, both options are affordable, user-friendly and they are the simplest device options available to new vapers. 


Those valuing greater choice in flavors, nicotine strengths, and cost-effectiveness may see more benefits in closed pod system devices. While those who value sheer convenience overall may see more positive points in using disposable vapes. When deciding between disposable vapes or closed pod systems, you have to consider which will suit your usage patterns and preferences the best. Ultimately the choice is all yours, but we hope that this blog has effectively addressed any questions you may have so you can put less thinking into your decision, and get to vaping sooner!

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