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Posted on 25 October 2022


Introducing a premium e-liquid line that brings the most nostalgic candy-flavour goodness back to life, the KAPOW e-liquid line! With a variety of sweet or sour or sweet and sour exquisite flavours, Here’s a breakdown of these unique flavours and what to expect from them!

Flavour Breakdown

I’m Blue - Blue Razz Slushy

Cloudy - Cotton Candy [Raspberry/Strawberry]

Rocket Ship - Cherry/ Blue Raspberry [Rocket Ship popsicle] 

Stick It - Strawberry/Watermelon Bubble Gum

Rainbow Express - Rainbow Sherbet, Raspberry, Pineapple, Orange, Lime, Cream

Strappy - Green Apple, Sweet strawberry candy

Off-Route - Root Beer

Classic - Cola

Tropical - Orange Cream, Mango, Lemon Zest 

Super Sour - Lemon/Lime [Sour Mini]

Purply - Sweet & Pure Grape [Purple Skittles]

Nana - Sweet Banana Ice

Pixie - Lemon/Lime Berry [Sweet and Sour Citrus]

Squares - Sweet Watermelon [Starburst]

Belts - Sweet/Sour Strawberry [Sour Belt Candy]


For all citrus/sour lovers, KAPOW has 3 different flavours called super sour, pixie and belts. KAPOW Super Sour is a lemon and lime blend giving a sour mini candy vape experience. KAPOW Pixie is a lemon/lime mixed with berries similar to sour gummy worms. KAPOW Belts is a sweet and sour strawberry replicating sour belts candy we all know and enjoy!

A couple of the nostalgic flavours from the KAPOW e-liquid line called Cloudy, Rocket, Strappy, Stick It, Purply and Squares! Cloudy will taste like raspberry and strawberry cotton candy. The most popular nostalgic flavour cherry mixed with blue raspberry recreating the rocket ship popsicle you know and love all season around! Strappy is a sweet green apple and strawberry candy. Stick It being a hubba bubba bubble gum of a strawberry and watermelon sensation flavour. A sweet and pure grape candy experience tasting like skittles when vaping Purply. Last but not least Squares tasting like a sweet watermelon starburst we all know and love!

Bringing summer day vibes KAPOW has the Classic, Off-Route, I’m Blue and Rainbow Express! KAPOW Classic brings cola flavour e-liquid to life, tasting refreshing relief after a long day. KAPOW Off-Route emphasizes root beer flavouring in an e-liquid format for all vapors to enjoy. Lastly, KAPOW I’m Blue is a blue raspberry ice tasting like the classic blue raspberry slushie everyone knows and loves during those hot summer days &  Rainbow Express is very similar to a creamsicle ice cream with a flavour mix of rainbow sherbet, raspberry, pineapple, orange, lime and cream!

2 exotic e-liquid names from the KAPOW line, Tropical and Nana. Tropical being orange cream, mango and lemon zest bringing out the tropical flavour sensation! Nana being a banana ice candy we all are familiar with from getting candy from the coin machines!

With very unique, throwback vibes of a flavour line in a sub-ohm experience, and pod systems for nicotine salts!

At NYX E-CIGS, freebase nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg are available for $24.99, and salt nicotine strengths of 12mg, 20mg, 20mg [BOLD35 & BOLD50] for $17.99


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