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Posted on 13 September 2022

Why choose VICE DISPOSABLES? Disposable vape devices are everywhere, and almost everyone is using them. The pros are obvious for any adult smoker. They are simple to use, ready to go directly from their packaging, and have high nicotine content for a quick and satisfying nicotine fix. Disposable vapes require no assembly or maintenance, and you don't need any prior know-how to use them. Just as the name suggests, they can simply be discarded once finished. Disposable vapes are great for introducing adult smokers to vaping for the first time, and can be a handy back-up device for any prepared vaper. 

In a market that’s seemingly over saturated with different disposable vape brands, what makes a particular brand stand out? 

We have come up with five key criteria to look for in a great disposable vape:

  1. Flavour Density
  2. Performance
  3. Value
  4. Selection
  5. Size and Stealth

Using these five factors, we’ll be discussing the VICE Disposable vapes and how they measure up to our standards! 

Flavour Density:

Have you ever been excited to try a new disposable vape, but had your experience fall short of your expectations? All those times you’ve been misled by bright colours and bold packaging, only to find that the flavour of those vapes were bland or muted in contrast. Or maybe you’ve had experiences where your disposable vape has incredible flavour towards the beginning of your usage, but then it suddenly becomes light, especially towards the end of the disposable’s life. We can relate to that disappointment, and that’s why flavour density makes it as our first major deciding factor for what makes a great disposable vape.

The VICE Disposables have quickly earned a reputation amongst the vaping crowd for their density in flavour. Out of the many disposable vape brands we’ve tried, the VICE Disposables do not disappoint. VICE stands out for their intense flavour pay-off; using mesh-coil technology to optimize their VICE 2500 Disposables for the best flavour delivery possible. Meanwhile, for a vape that’s just slightly lighter in flavour, the VICE MINI disposables are perfect. From our first puffs, to our last puffs towards the end of any VICE Disposable vape, there’s minimal flavor dropoff. For this reason, VICE ranks close to the top for us when it comes to flavour. 


Second to flavour, how well a disposable vape will perform is a key indicator of a stellar product. By performance, we’re specifically referring to how a disposable vape will pull, and whether it produces a smooth or harsh hit. The ideal disposable vape will provide users with a smooth vaping experience, and an easy draw with no harshness to the throat. 

When it comes to the VICE Disposables, we’ve found that both the standard size VICE Disposable (2500 Puffs) and VICE Mini Disposable (1000 Puffs) produce an easy draw that is just slightly restrictive for a perfectly satisfying vape! In every experience we’ve had with the VICE Disposables, these vapes have been characteristically smooth with no dry-hits. This is another reason why VICE gets our stamp of approval.


Everyone is concerned about getting the best value when it comes to buying anything, and there’s no exception when it comes to vaping! When comparing the cost of using disposable vapes with refillable vape devices, costs can add up quickly. This is why value is an imperative factor to consider when purchasing disposable vapes. 

The VICE Disposables are some of the best disposable vapes you can get when it comes to value. They offer a choice between two sizes for their products: a standard size featuring 2500 puffs and a smaller size that’s rated for up to 1000 puffs. Regardless of size and puff rating, VICE Disposables will offer you the best bang for your buck. To highlight this, we’ll dive into comparisons between VICE Disposables and different brands below:

At NYX ECIGS, the standard size VICE 2500 Disposables cost $18.99 per unit. Compared to other disposables of the same 2500 Puff Rating: 

  • ENVI APEX 2500 DISPOSABLE - $19.99
  • ALLO ULTRA 2500 DISPOSABLE  - $21.99
  • MR FOG MAX AIR 2500 DISPOSABLE - $23.99

While the VICE MINI 1000 Disposables cost $12.99 per unit at NYX ECIGS. Compared to other disposables of a similar Puff Rating: 


The VICE Disposables easily beat out most other disposable vape brands when it comes down to value. Vapers on a budget can look to VICE for a quality disposable vape at a fair price. 


Equally important to the factors we’ve discussed so far is selection! A disposable vape brand should ideally offer a variety of flavours and sizes for their product to suit the differing preferences and budgets of different vapers. Originally released with just 10 flavours, VICE has most recently expanded their selection to include seven additional flavours. While most disposable vape brands will exclusively offer fruit flavours, the selection from VICE offers a staple variety of fruit flavours, along with one dessert flavour and one tobacco flavour. You’re guaranteed to find a couple of flavours that you’ll like! 

Along with additional flavours, VICE has introduced a newer VICE MINI disposable, rated for 1000 puffs. The VICE MINI makes it convenient for vapers to try their product with minimal commitment, at a lower cost. 

Size and Stealth:

The main reason for the popularity of disposable vape products is how convenient they are to use and carry on your person. The size and form factor of an ideal disposable vape product should allow it to be easily stored in one’s pocket or bag without adding too much bulk. That’s why VICE Disposable vapes make the perfect companion for any vaper on-the-go. Both the VICE 2500 and VICE MINI disposable vapes feature a large e-liquid and battery capacity while maintaining a compact and lightweight size! 

The VICE 2500 Disposable vapes are also ergonomic, featuring a sleek acrylic body with a tapered mouthpiece, while the VICE MINI 1000 Disposable vapes are slimmer, with a similar tapered mouthpiece. With a smooth and rounded design and no sharp edges, the VICE disposable vapes are comfortable to hold in the hand. The amount of vapour produced by the VICE disposables is satisfying yet discreet, perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. 

In summary, the VICE Disposables are some of the best disposable vapes you can get when it comes to flavour density, performance, value for your money, selection and size/stealth. 

You can find the best deals for the VICE Disposables at your favourite local vape shop, NYX ECIGS.

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