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Posted on 09 May 2022


When it comes to closed pod vapes, it’s no surprise that STLTH and VUSE have long been compared with one another. They are both respectively the two most prominent closed pod devices on the Canadian market. If you are reading this blog, you’ve probably been exclusively using either STLTH products or VUSE products, but which one is better? We’ll be discussing this topic further today in this blog!

For some background, the STLTH system has found much popularity amongst long-time smokers in the past couple of years for its ease of use and convenience. That is because the STLTH closed pod system has been specifically designed by ex-smokers to provide a practical, affordable and effective alternative to traditional tobacco products for adult smokers. 


To highlight the simplicity of it, the STLTH system can be broken down into two main components: the STLTH battery device, and replaceable STLTH Pod. The STLTH Battery Device has a battery capacity of 420 mAh; sizable in contrast to its compact and portable size. Users can easily recharge the STLTH using the Micro-USB cable included with the STLTH Battery Device and STLTH Starter Kit, achieving a full charge in an hour and a half. Meanwhile, STLTH Pods are prefilled with 2ML of e-liquid and are single-time use, designed to be discarded once finished. The STLTH device is buttonless for simple use. To use the STLTH, users can simply install their STLTH Pod into their STLTH device, and inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping. 

There are currently over 70 different pod flavors available for the STLTH, including flavours from 14 established co-brands like Naked100, Lemon Drop and Fruitbae. Users can get their STLTH pods in four different nicotine strengths including 0MG, 20MG, as well as Bold 35 and Bold 50, which were introduced by STLTH following Canadian legislation passed in 2021 enforcing a Federal Nicotine Limitation of 20MG for any vaping products sold in Canada. The STLTH Bold 35 and Bold 50 feature a blend of Salt Nicotine and Freebase nicotine to emulate the harsher throat hit users could previously get with the discontinued 35MG and 50MG STLTH pods. 

For the STLTH device itself, there are 12 different color options including three limited edition colour ways: White, Canada Day and Gunmetal. With such an extensive range of colours and flavour options, you can really customize the STLTH device to make it your own! When it comes to cost, STLTH is priced very reasonably at just $14.99 for the STLTH BATTERY DEVICE, and $19.99 for the STLTH STARTER KIT which includes one device and a single STLTH BERRY BLAST Pod in 20MG. Similarly, STLTH Pod Packs are priced at only $14.99, with each pack including three 2ML pods. Though STLTH was initially only available to purchase from Specialty Vape Shops, these days, you’re able to conveniently find STLTH devices and STLTH Pods available at not only your favourite local vape shop like NYX ECIGS, but also many corner stores and select gas stations. Aside from this, STLTH also offers a recycling program with various participating stores in Canada. 

Similar to the STLTH, the VUSE Closed Pod system has also found a great deal of popularity in recent years. Alongside various traditional cigarettes offered at gas stations and convenience stores, VUSE (formerly, VYPE) began to pop up at these same venues as an alternative to cigarettes for adult smokers. This gave VYPE an edge in marketability because their products were easily accessible at similar locations where adult smokers would already go to purchase their cigarettes. And although the VUSE is a vaping product, many consumers are unaware that the VUSE brand actually has its roots in Big Tobacco. 

For more information about their products, VUSE has offered variations of their closed pod system vape, but the most standard device that users can find is the ePOD 2. The VUSE ePod 2 has a rated battery capacity of 400mAh and the device kit comes included with a proprietary magnetic charging cable. Because the VUSE is a closed pod system, the replacement pods are sold prefilled with e-liquid and are designed to be discarded once finished. VUSE Pods have a 1.9ML e-liquid capacity rated for up to 275 puffs and are currently available in over 30 different flavor options. In terms of nicotine strength options, VUSE offers most of their pods in a 1.6% nicotine strength, while only select flavours come available nicotine-free or in a 1.8% nicotine strength. 

The VUSE ePOD 2 Device Kit is priced at $14.99, while each pack of two VUSE pods costs between $13.99 to $14.99. The VUSE ePod 2 device is offered in just 8 different colourways, and VUSE also offers a disposal program for their pods at their few stores. 

Overall, it’s easy to see the similarities between the STLTH and VUSE. But when it comes to having more options in customizing your device, flavour options and nicotine strengths, the STLTH is the clear winner. On top of that, the lack of a need for a proprietary charger makes the STLTH a lot more convenient since it is compatible with any standard Micro-USB cable. When comparing value as well, it’s easy to see that STLTH users are getting greater value for their dollar as the STLTH device has a larger battery and e-liquid capacity while maintaining a very reasonable cost. We hope that this blog is effective in addressing the similarities and differences between these two popular closed pod vapes, and will help you to make a more informed decision for your purchase!


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