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Posted on 10 May 2022


STLTH X is the latest in closed pod technology innovation. STLTH is one of the most popular choices in closed pod vaping for Canadian vapers, as such most of us are familiar with the brand. We have all used, or know someone who has used STLTH at some point, which probably means we’ve all heard the critiques. Pods that leak, burn too quickly, or don’t produce the flavour we were hoping for has just been part of the game when it comes to vaping. Many of us had accepted those critiques as standard. Luckily for use, the engineers at STLTH didn’t. STLTH has just released a completely new style of pod that exceeds all our previous expectations of what a pod system can do. 

Using new horizontal coil technology, STLTH X offers better airflow, and a more intense flavour than any other pod on the market. Using STLTH X pods, the vaping experience is closer to that of a disposable than it is to the STLTH classic pods. STLTH has also updated their leak proofing in the STLTH X pods, so all 2ml of e-liquid stays where it should. 

Alright, lets get into the specifics of what makes the STLTH X pods so unique. Right from opening the package, before you even vape it, you can already see the differences. The STLTH X pods are longer than the originals, and the mouth piece is more open, for less obstructed airflow. The pods themselves are tinted grey, which can make it a little complicated to check your juice levels the first few times you use it, but after getting used to the new look you shouldn’t have any problems. Perhaps the most notable difference between STLTH X and STLTH classic is the lack of free-floating e-liquid in the STLTH X. Similar to the technology used in disposable vapes to achieve their trademark intense flavour, STLTH X pods are filled with cotton, and evenly saturated in e-liquid right from the beginning. As you vape, the e-liquid is absorbed into the cotton to keep the flavour intensity even throughout the life of the pod. Once the cotton looks dry, you’ve hit the end of the pods life and it’s time for a new one. 

Alright, let’s talk about what's really important. How does it vape? Gotta admit I was skeptical at first. We have been using STLTH classic pods for years and thought that was as good as it was gonna get, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Right from the first hit, STLTH X delivered better airflow, and more flavour intensity than we ever would have expected from a closed pod. As someone who switched between STLTH and disposables, there were times I had to double-check to make sure it was actually the STLTH pods I was vaping. Compared to some top disposable brands like Vice and Gcore, STLTH X is right up there with them for both quality and flavour.

STLTH X pods are fully compatible with the original STLTH device. They have the same 2ml e-liquid capacity as the STLTH classic for all day vaping, and are available in both 20mg and bold 50 nicotine options. We’ve talked a lot about flavour intensity, so I’m sure you’re wondering what the flavour options are. For now, STLTH has released these new pods in 5 variations of classic stlth pod flavours including apple, double mint, cubano, banana ice and blue raspberry cherry, with plans to release more options in the coming months. 

Overall STLTH X is a major improvement that all closed pod manufactures should learn from. We can’t wait to see what STLTH comes up with next.

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