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Posted on 22 February 2022

From an outside perspective, vaping can seem complicated. When picking out a new vape device, there are so many options available, with all sorts of different features you can consider. Finding what device works best for what you're looking for isn't always easy, but these are the five most user friendly devices for anyone new to vaping!

stlth, stilth, stylth, stilths

The first device on our list is the STLTH Closed Pod System. That’s because the STLTH is as simple as you can get and great for anyone new to vaping. It's a closed pod system, meaning that it takes pre-filled proprietary pods which can be used until they are empty. Once your STLTH Pod is empty, it can be thrown away and replaced with a new pod. The STLTH Battery Device includes a Micro-USB charging cable, and the device itself has a battery capacity of 420mAh that should last you all day depending on use. STLTH Pods have an e-liquid capacity of 2mL, and are sold in packs of three pods. When it comes to flavours, STLTH users will not be disappointed with the selection of over 50 flavours they can choose from. There are different nicotine strengths that STLTH Pods come available in, which include 0MG (Nicotine Free), 20MG salt nicotine, as well as the “BOLD 35” and “BOLD 50” strengths which are 20MG products with a special blend of salt nicotine and freebase nicotine to emulate the throat-hit of 35MG and 50MG nicotine strengths. Both the STLTH Battery Device, and STLTH Pod Packs are individually priced at a reasonable $14.99 before taxes.

aspire, minican 2, aspire minican 2

Second on our list is the small and reliable ASPIRE MINICAN 2 Pod Kit. It is one of the newest additions to our selection of devices offered at NYXECIGS. The MINICAN 2 features a 400mAh internal battery and 3mL e-liquid capacity which will easily last users all day with no issues. The MINICAN 2 Pod Kit is an open pod system, meaning this device uses proprietary replacement pods which should be regularly refilled with e-liquid and replaced when required. The device is draw-activated so there is no risk of it firing in your pocket. The replacement pod that the starter kit comes with utilizes a 1.0 OHM mesh coil and produces an impressive hit in consideration of the size and simplicity of the device. Filling your MINICAN 2 Pods is also just as simple. The pods have a bottom fill design with a fantastic rubber piece to minimize leaking as much as possible. The price of the MINICAN 2 is $15.49 and the replacement pods that come in packs of two and cost just $5.99.

Uwell, Caliburn G2, Uwell Caliburn G2, Vape store near me

Our third recommendation is the UWELL CALIBURN G2 Pod Kit. It is the newest release from the UWELL CALIBURN series, featuring a large 750mAh internal battery. This device is both draw-activated and button-activated for user convenience. Like other open pod systems, this device uses proprietary replacement pods which should be regularly refilled with e-liquid and replaced when required. The pods have an e-liquid capacity of 2mL, and feature a top-fill design with snap-off caps to make refilling your device mess-free and easy. Users are also able to have a more customizable vaping experience with the adjustable airflow wheel on the bottom of their CALIBURN G2 pods. Airflow can be adjusted to be less or more restrictive depending on user preferences. When fully charged, the CALIBURN G2 has a maximum power output of 18 watts which compliments both the 0.8OHM and 1.2OHM meshed pods included with the starter kit very well. One of the device’s best points is its vibration feature. The device will vibrate when a pod is installed to indicate pod detection. As well, the device will vibrate to indicate when battery charge is depleted. The CALIBURN G2 Pod Kit retails for $33.99, which is a steal in consideration of all its great features. The replacement pods come in packs of two pods for $11.99.

Uwell Whirl T1, Uwell, Whirl T1, Vape store near me

The WHIRL T1 Pod Kit is fourth on our list. This device is an open pod system, utilizing proprietary replacement pods which should be regularly refilled with e-liquid and replaced when required. The WHIRL T1 is a versatile device for many reasons. One reason is that this device can be used for vaping salt nicotine e-liquids or freebase nicotine e-liquids. For the sake of simplicity, the WHIRL T1 device itself does not have any buttons for power adjustment or any airflow adjustment feature built into it-however, the replacement pods do! On the sides of the pods, there is a simple airflow switch that users may adjust to their liking. Roman numerals on the bottoms of the pods indicate three different modes of power output, between 14 watts, 15 watts, and 16 watts. Users can easily adjust the output of power for their vape by removing their pod, then rotating and reinstalling the pod into their device. The side of the pod installed towards the front of the device will determine the WHIRL T1’s mode of output. The mode selected will also be indicated with a simple light sequence on its display screen. The WHIRL T1 is equipped with a sizable 1300mAh internal battery, and its replacement pods have a 3mL e-liquid capacity allowing the WHIRL T1 to go longer than many other open pod devices. The WHIRL T1 Pod Kit is priced at just $29.99, and the replacement pods come in a pack of two for just $9.49.  

Aspire, Favostix, Aspire Favostix, Pod System, Vape store near me

Our fifth pick is the ASPIRE FAVOSTIX POD KIT. This device is slightly more advanced than the devices aforementioned, but still very user friendly in many aspects! Similar to the previous devices on our list, the FAVOSTIX is an open pod system, requiring the use of proprietary replacement pods which should be regularly refilled with e-liquid and replaced when required. The replacement pods for the FAVOSTIX have an e-liquid capacity of 2mL and can be easily filled from the bottom. The FAVOSTIX device is fitted with a dependable 1000mAh battery. The notable difference between the FAVOSTIX and the other devices on our list is the FAVOSTIX’s variable wattage feature with an OLED screen. This allows users to adjust the power on the device, up to its maximum output of 30 watts. With the device powered on, users can click the fire/power button three times to enter this adjustment mode, holding the same button down until their selected wattage setting is displayed on the device’s screen. This feature makes your vaping experience with the FAVOSTIX a lot more customizable. The two replacement pod options offered for the FAVOSTIX include the 0.8OHM pod, rated for usage between 15-18 watts; and the 1.0OHM pod rated for usage between 12-15 watts. Both pods are suitable for vaping either salt nicotine e-liquids or freebase nicotine e-liquids. The FAVOSTIX device is also very cost-effective, offered at $31.99, while the replacement packs of pods include three pieces, and cost just $10.99.

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