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Posted on 15 February 2022



With the ARIZER SOLO 2 coming nearly half a decade after the release of the unprecedented ARIZER SOLO, dry herb users are finding themselves wondering “are we moving with the times and upgrading?” And “does the SOLO 2 defeat their elder?”. Let’s find out! 


Many are familiar with the original ARIZER SOLO as being one of the best on the market. It’s known for its high quality of vapor and performance; all for its reasonable selling price that doesn’t hit the pockets as much as other dry herb vaporizers across the market! The ARIZER SOLO 2 ranks similarly in these regards, with new improved features to get excited about.


There are certain aspects of this vaporizer which may lead consumers to not classify it as an easily pocketable device, but the Solo 2 has us cloud chasers prepared for a sunny day on the trails or a quick outing with friends-coming with a personal belt clip to keep your herb at arm’s length without the extra baggage! 


Some may wonder, “What about the long glass stem? That’s not quite portable!” Yes indeed, this attachment may be best kept for lounging around the house but most importantly you are not out of luck! The original air stems from the ARIZER SOLO are cross-compatible with the SOLO 2. What does this mean for you? Users can have a shorter stem option for on-the-go, providing utmost convenience for your outdoor sessions. 


Since we’ve covered this device’s portability, let's get into the … cool stuff! Thirty seconds is all we’ll need to get to that. That’s right. You’ll be able to experience that cool flavorful vapor all within a thirty-second heat-up time! While we’re talking numbers; “wait isn’t 420 the only number we should be talking about here?” Not quite, 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? That’s right ARIZER, we appreciate you! With the SOLO 2, users are able to adjust the time needed to turn on their vaporizer to 4, 6 or 8 seconds, avoiding any accidental power-on to your device while not in use! 


As I have you here counting by single-digit numbers, the SOLO 2 allows you to speed up the process one digit at a time with precise temperature control and display, all the way to … that’s right-our 420°F! We sure won’t keep you but ARIZER will keep your count rising a few digits more to its maximum output of 426°F! Wow. 


We could continue counting to our desired temperature level to heat our next session of herb, but our device may turn off before then so let’s adjust that! The SOLO 2 has incorporated an adjustable auto shut-off feature that you may precisely set between 5-15 minutes; so, remembering to turn off your device after your session won’t be a worry! 


Moving forward, as we analyze the SOLO 2’s differences from its prior model, there are a few more to be noted! These include adjustments to both the sound level and screen brightness to adapt comfort to your senses no matter the scenery. But what about the most important adjustment to us vapers? You know, the adjustment of what we vape … the clouds! With the SOLO 2, ARIZER has given us open airflow compared to its prior model’s restricted airflow system. The device's build also incorporates the use of stainless-steel ceramic and glass, which allows you to enjoy the multitude of flavors stemming from your sessions bud! 


It may soon be time for another session after this read, but we want to make sure our device has got enough charge for this. But is this something we really need to worry about? Not with the ARIZER SOLO 2! This device has come equipped with a charging port on the back compared to its elder; in which the port was on the bottom of the device, what an … irritant! The SOLO 2 allows the convenience of charging the device in an upright position with the charging port on the back of the device, but here is the actual exciting news! This device allows passthrough charging which allows your session to continue as your device charges! Phew! Now how long until we can take this enjoyment back outside or a few feet farther than the power outlet? Not to worry this part takes just enough time for an afternoon nap, three hours will provide you a full charge to your device and leave you well rested for your next outdoor trip! This considering you allow your device  


Now that we have determined a few of the neat features in this upgrade that have been incorporated or updated from its prior model to provide utmost ease of use, comfort and relaxation of your next hit of bud! Let’s move forward shall we; to what’s included with, how to use, and how to clean your new vaporizer! 


What’s Included:

1 x ARIZER SOLO 2 Vaporizer

1 x North American Wall Charger

2 x Glass Aroma Tube

2 x Silicone Tube Caps

1 x Glass Aroma Dish

1 x Belt-Clip Carrying Case

1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

1 x Stainless Steel Screens

1 x Botanical Sample

1 x User Manual


How to Use:

  1. Click and hold the Menu button for 6 seconds to turn on the unit.
  2. To change the temperature options, simply cycle through the options using the UP arrow and DOWN arrow buttons. 
  3. Remove the top cap (mouthpiece) and load freshly grinned botanical into the glass aroma tube, and then place the glass aroma tube onto the heating chamber of the unit.
  4. Wait 30-60 seconds to preheat.
  5. Wait for the OLED screen to dial up or down to the settled temperature of preference.
  6. You are ready to vape!

How to Clean: 

  • Rubbing Alcohol/Wipes
  • Cotton Swab/Paper Towel 
  • Small Nylon Brush (for difficult residue) 

As we conclude, you may also be wondering what we’ve been keeping from you that is so intriguing about this device! As you are browsing under the flower category, might we also interest you in this cool feature that your ARIZER SOLO 2 not only is compatible with that 420 bud; it also functions as an aromatherapy vaporizer for those that like to dig deep into the other forms of flowers, roots, foliage, and resins. 

No matter whichever path of nature you may follow, the ARIZER SOLO 2 will successfully take you on your trip and back! 

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