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Posted on 05 January 2023


Finally released into the Canadian vape market, another epic release from UWELL with their improved version of the AEGLOS, the AEGLOS H2 CRC Pod Kit! Here is a breakdown of the hardware, specs, features, and most importantly highlighting the question; if this device meets your vaping needs.

AEGLOS H2 Starter Kit Contents:

Inside the UWELL AEGLOS H2 Pod Kit packaging will include the AEGLOS H2 device that fires up to 60 watts with a pre-installed pod of a resistance of 1.2ohm, an extra pod with a resistance of 0.18ohm, a TYPE-C cable and a user manual for a clear instruction guide of the device. The pods are Canadian regulated pods meaning the coils are not removable due to the CRC [Child Resistant Container] lock, making the AEGLOS H2 pods have pre-installed coils. Buying replacement pods will come in a 2-pack CRC packaging for $13.99. 


aeglos h2 pods

The AEGLOS H2’s pre-installed pods can contain up to 4.5mL of e-liquid for long usage. On the bottom of the pods, there will be a silicone seal to prompt open for filling and a press-fit style port underneath the silicone seal for a CRC [Child Resistant Container] lock for Canada’s regulation.

The breakdown for the pre-installed pods have a unique design when it is sitting in the device. There will be two straight wings on the bottom of the pod to serve the purpose of rotation of airflow when placed in the device. A Simple rotation of the pod will slowly close the air holes located on the upper left and right sides of the device to find the desired airflow of vaping.

One pod is rated for 0.18ohm giving a sub-ohm experience.The power range for this pod will run between 55-60 Watts. The other pod is rated for 1.2ohm giving a restrictive vaping experience using a power range of 10-13 Watts. An awesome feature with these coils is that the bottom is built differently compared to the majority of coils out there. On the bottom of the coil you will notice the coil having an “open” section, this prevents vapor residue after vaping.

One of UWELL’s signature styles for the AGELOS coils for self-cleaning prevents messes when finished vaping. Thus being said, the AGELOS pods make sure to have full flavour from start to finish!

Hardware Details:

uwell aeglos h2 hardware

The physicality of the UWELL AEGLOS H2 has an ergonomic design, apprehending a safe, secure feel in the hands!

The front of the device has an OLED 0.96” screen which displays battery life, wattage control, voltage output while in use, ohm resistance detection, timed inhales, and a puff counter. A fire button will sit on top of the screen, and the increment buttons [+/-] will be above the “AEGLOS” logo.

Within the inner chamber of the device, you will notice a unique style pin which plays a role in how the coils prevent vapor residue as mentioned earlier. It helps with condensation drawing back into the coils.

The AEGLOS H2 is a dual airflow device with 3 diagonal oval shapes on each side, with a simple rotation of the pod dictating how loose or restrictive you want your vape to be. The back of the device has a nice window of a carbon-fiber color, and on the bottom of the device will be the location of the TYPE-C charging port.

The AEGLOS H2 has a built-in 1500mAh battery with a one hour fast charge. With all these unique features, the device is still a lightweight, portable device to carry around!

Safety Lock:

Simplistic features with the AEGLOS H2 device. For users wanting to leave the device on but do not want to have the button automatically pressed in your pocket or bag, press the fire and down button at the same time to fully lock the device preventing any hazardous moments! Pressing the fire and up button will lock the increments of the device, but still be able to fire. Holding the up and down buttons will clear the puff count of the device, for those who keep track of how many puffs are taken daily or for coil lifespan.


In conclusion, whether you enjoy your DL [Direct Lung] or RDL [Restrictive Direct Lung] or MTL [Mouth-to-Lung] vaping experience, the AEGLOS H2 has you covered for your specific style of vaping with flavour chasing goodness! The AEGLOS H2 caters to all levels of vape users being easy to use and understand.

Get the UWELL AEGLOS H2 CRC Pod Kit at your local NYX E-Cigs for $43.99 in Black/Dove Blue/ Dusky Silver/ Emerald Green/ Ruby Red colourways and CRC 2-Pack pods for $13.99!

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