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Posted on 02 November 2020

NYX ECIGS | Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit | Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The long awaited, properly introduced, improved and sequel to the current undisputed, undefeated Salt Nic Vape King has finally arrived. With such a strong statement made by the Caliburn, this is the Vape any Salt Nic vapor has been waiting for. The Caliburn G!

NYX ECIGS | Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit | Online, Free Shipping
My first impressions while handling this vape was just trampled by the initial shock and awe of finally having a successor to the Caliburn. This vape stumped me, it was more similar than different to the original than I expected. The simplicity, the charge times, the pod accessibility, the vapor production. All key features to a great device. This hasn’t changed much since the Caliburn… but that’s a good thing right? The design feels good in hand. The pod is nice, even the button feels great. The wait seemed worth it. Then I started vaping. The first day was nothing short of extraordinary. The vapor production is great with options for MTL or DL vaping. The flavour really popped and stood out just like the Caliburn did. The DL hit reminded me of the vapor production of the SMOK Novo X, and the MTL was like the hit from the GEEKVAPE Wenax which is excellent for MTL. Here’s the trick, all you have to do was rotate the pod to achieve either vaping method. I was also taken back by the quality of the coil, knowing I wouldn’t be throwing out pods anymore was a delight. I’d much rather replace the coil then constantly be worrying about my pods. The pricing for replacements is better as well than the original. The battery being larger was definitely noticeable, and the fact that the battery is bigger yet still has an extremely fast charge time was just the cherry on top. My first impressions with the Caliburn G were to be put simply, the king is back! However, now; the Caliburn is better than ever.

NYX ECIGS | UWELL CALIBURN G STARTER KIT | North York, Richmond Hill, East York, Toronto, Online Free Shipping

The Caliburn G has a very fast fire rate. It seems to work quicker than the Caliburn, and even quicker than the RPM2 which has a fire rate that’s less than 1 second. The flavour with the Uwell coil, is nothing short of what you’d expect. You can taste every note intended in the juices’ you’re vaping and you can kiss muted flavours goodbye. There isn’t much to complain about with the newer pods and coil. The MTL feature takes effect when you rotate the pod and restrict the airflow. The delivery for this method is great, a nice tight pull that has great cloud production. Even for a MTL you can enjoy the fact that you can pull however you’d like. Switching to the DL hit opens the airflow and allows you to increase vapor production to maximize clouds. It blows my mind how simple the transition is, yet how efficiently you can switch your vape. The 0.8oHm coil delivers a great level of versatility for the Caliburn G. Dropping from the original 1.4oHm in the Caliburn and the 1.2oHm in the KoKo Caliburn; this was a great decision by Uwell. With all this being said, you will not be able to produce massive clouds since the wattage doesn’t go higher than 15 watts. However, you can expect a very full flavored vape with the optimized Caliburn G coil.


NYX ECIGS | UWELL Caliburn G Pod System | Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Fast Shipping, Online, Vape Shop


Let's talk about design really quick, one of the coolest looking pod systems with the new ribbed stylus and beautiful attention to detail. The simplicity of the Caliburn G with additional details and texture make it very appealing and will definitely get a lot of eyes on it. With subtle accents around the button and the smooth colours available make it one of the best looking and feeling vapes in the market. One of the nice features to the new design is the fact that it’s harder to scratch than the previous Caliburn model. It’s not like the Aegis Boost in terms of being shock-proof, or made out of steel and leather like the Drag S or Drag X, but it still is hard to scratch and dent. With multiple drops in my possession, I don’t have a single knick on it which is awesome. The focus on material and fixing the issues the Caliburn has had is great to experience. The pod itself is simple as well as easy to refill. The only thing is that I’d change the method of opening the top by adding a latch or something similar just to make it easier to open. I haven’t run into the same issues as the Uwell Crown with the drip tip breaking but I wouldn’t be surprised if I broke it eventually. This does feel like nit-picking though. There isn’t much flaw to the overall design of this vape. The coils last roughly a week as well, so the life expectancy from the previous has also improved. To my surprise, I prefer the new coil. The lower resistance really separates it from vapes in direct competition. The battery is even great. With the upgrade to 650mAh it lasts even longer than the Caliburn. The great part about the smaller battery is the USB C charging port, which will have your Caliburn G good to go within 20 minutes. It’s hard to knock a device that fixed all the predecessor's issues.



How do you dethrone the best vape in the market? You make the same thing, better. There isn’t much to say other than this is currently the best salt nic vape available. If you’re after MTL or DL hits, if you’re new to vaping or an avid user. Give this try and enjoy yourself. The freedom and reliability of having such a good vape is a rare commodity and this should be part of every vapors collection.

OVERALL: 9.5/10

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