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Posted on 24 January 2022


The newest device from UWELL is the “CALIBURN G2 POD KIT”; a new and improved mix of two fan-favorites: the “UWELL CALIBURN G POD KIT”, and the “UWELL CALIBURN A2 POD KIT”. 


The UWELL CALIBURN G2 has a lot of new advanced qualities that make it the most innovative release from the Caliburn series yet! Say goodbye to your device accidentally firing in your pocket thanks to the vibration indication feature of this device; you’ll know exactly what your device is doing without even having to look at it. 

The UWELL CALIBURN G2 POD KIT has been released with two new pods: the “CALIBURN G2 0.8 OHM pods” and the “CALIBURN G2 1.2 OHM pods”. These pods feature a non-replaceable meshed coil, 2ML e-liquid capacity, and a new airflow adjustment design built directly into the pods. The UWELL CALIBURN G2 POD KIT will come included with one of each of these pods, so users are able to try both pods to find the one that best suits their preferences. 

The device itself is button activated and draw activated, with a visible e-liquid window design on the front and back of the device so that users are able to assess their pods, and refill them before they run empty. The CALIBURN G2 has a large battery capacity of 750 mAh, and has a maximum rated output of 18 watts when fully charged. This, along with its other aforementioned qualities, makes the CALIBURN G2 the most superior release from UWELL’s CALIBURN series thus far. 

The UWELL CALIBURN G2 comes in a variety of captivating colours such as; Carbon Black, Cobalt Green, Gradient, Pyrrole Scarlet, Shading Gray and Ultramarine Blue.  

Comparison with the UWELL CALIBURN A2

Before UWELL’S release of the CALIBURN G2 POD KIT, there was the release of the CALIBURN A2 POD KIT in the past year. While the differences between the CALIBURN G2 and the CALIBURN A2 may be few, they are significant! For starters, the battery capacity of the CALIBURN G2 is larger than that of the CALIBURN A2. To put numbers to this comparison, the battery capacity of the CALIBURN A2 is 520 mAh, while the battery capacity of the CALIBURN G2 is 750 mAh. This means that users can expect longer usage time in between charging with the UWELL CALIBURN G2.

The output wattage of the CALIBURN G2 and the CALIBURN A2 is also different; with the maximum output wattage of the CALIBURN A2 being rated at 15 watts, and the maximum output wattage of the CALIBURN G2 being rated at 18 watts. Between both devices, users can expect a stronger hit from the CALIBURN G2. 

The final difference between the CALIBURN G2 and the CALIBURN A2 mechanically are the pods. To this date, there has only been one variety of pods released from UWELL for the CALIBURN A2 POD KIT, which feature a non-replaceable 0.9 OHM meshed coil. The CALIBURN G2 POD KIT has been released with two different kinds of pods, also featuring non-replaceable meshed coils in two different resistances: “0.8 OHM” and “1.2 OHM”, giving users more choice.

Other than the mechanical differences between these two devices, another important comparison can be made in the aesthetic of the devices. Deciding which device you prefer the look of, and how they feel in your hand are also important factors in your choice between these two handy pod devices!

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