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Posted on 13 May 2021


Contents inside the box

The Vaporesso LUXE Q Pod Kit packaging contents come with the important items for this device. Just your standard essential items to get you started. Inside the box you will see that you have the Luxe Q Pod System, the LUXE Q Pod rated at 0.8ohm, Type-C USB cable for efficient charging and a user manual:

  • 1x LUXE Q Pod Device (1000 mAh)
  • 1x LUXE Q Mesh Pod 0.8ohm (2ml) 
  • 1x LUXE Q Mesh Pod 1.2ohm (2ml)
  • 1x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card

Vaporesso Luxe Q Device Specs

Vaporesso’s Luxe Q Pod System has a 1000mAH battery life that is able to fulfill a full day of vaping. There is a LED indicator on the device that will display its current battery life - Green: 100% - 70%; Blue: 70% - 30%; Red: 30% - 0%. Moving on to the construction of the pod, it  can hold up to 2ML of e-liquid and the box includes 1x 0.8ohm pod (We recommend you use this coil if you’re planning to use this with freebase liquids)  and 1x 1.2ohm pod (Which seems to be more well suited for 50VG/50PG liquids). Similar to the Caliburn G/KOKO Prime, you can remove the top cap for top filling which makes it easier than removing the entire pod and filling at the bottom like most pod systems. Also worth noting is that since these coils are encased in the pod, they aren’t compatible with other Vaporesso devices. Fortunately the Luxe Q comes with a Type-C USB charging port for those fast charging speeds, away with those old school micro USB cables! Furthermore, this unit comes in being fully auto-draw, making it convenient and even more easy to use, and supports both freebase and salt nicotine based e-liquids!

  • Secured Top Filling
  • Activated only with auto-draw
  • Battery capacity of 1000mAh 
  • USB Type-C Charging Port (1A Recommended for charging, not recommended for anything higher than 1A)
  • Size: 91.85 x 26 x 16.5mm
  • Slim and compact body
  • SSS Leak-Resistance Technology

Build Quality: 9/10

We were quite surprised that Vaporesso LUXE Q Pods has a new feature called “SSS Leak-Resistance Technology”. Which to them stands for ‘Seal Comprehensively, Saturate Safely, and Saturate Properly.’ Usually, leaking in pods is typically normal when your vape device is not maintained properly or misuse of the pod, but Vaporesso changed their pods so that the fill port is at the top to mitigate any major leaking onto the device. Similarly with the Caliburn G pods, they really showed up to the party with their Pods. After a week of use we did not find a single drop of leaking or even any real condensation build up.  In terms of the device, it really does have a premium feel to it. Pretty simple to use like the Vaporesso Renova Zero. Battery life is amazing on this device (rated at 1000mAh). They really learned from the Aspire NXT Breeze and Favostix realizing that battery capacity is important for pod devices like these. 

Design: 8/10

Despite the Vaporesso LUXE Q Pod System feeling premium, I would have liked to see the device being a little slimmer and lighter weight as it does feel bulky for people who are looking into slim and feather-like devices. This could probably be from the battery capacity being rated at 1000mAh but it would be nice for pod devices (SMOK NOVO X is a great example) to be JUUL like or similar to. To compare with the Vaporesso Aurora Play and the Renova Zero, this design is much better for those who used the Renova Zero and not much the Aurora Play due to its bulky zippo-like sizing. In fact, the Renova Zero is way closer to this device without being as thin and light. 

Vape Quality: 9/10

We will admit that the Vaporesso LUXE Q 0.8ohm Pod is almost similar to the Caliburn G 0.8 Pods and Voopoo Vinci’s PnP R1 coils. It does give that moist vape experience and has that unrestricted airflow like the Caliburn's but it does also produce more vapour than I expected. The flavour on the 0.8ohm is amazing and we tried it with Fruitbae’s Banana, the menthol and banana really goes hand to hand with this pod. For the LUXE Q’s 1.2ohm Pod, it does feel like a cig-a-like feel (like majority high resistance pods) and it does lessen the flavour but the vapour production really does minic cigarette smoking as its less vapour production on the 1.2ohm than the 0.8ohm.

Overall Experience: 8.5/10

I still feel like there are things Vaporesso can work on, such as the pod wiggling from the base of the unit. Their build quality was well done with the SSS leak-protection and such but the design still needs a little bit more improvement in-order to go against the big dogs (UWell and Voopoo). Vape quality is well done, wished their 1.2ohm had a bit more flavour on them but it does the job it is supposed to do. Overall, this device is still great for users trying to quit smoking and has a bigger battery capacity with a leak protection feature as well a neat auto-draw feature and amazing flavour for their 0.8ohm pods!



Leak protection

A bit bulky

Lots of battery capacity

Pod does wiggle from the base sometimes


No visible juice display

Amazing flavour

Simple device 

Good vapour production

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