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Posted on 05 October 2022


VAPORESSO is back again with another great product, the new VAPORESSO LUXE QS! The LUXE QS makes a great addition to any vaper’s collection; with its small size, reliable battery and quality performance. In this blog, we’ll be giving you a breakdown of the LUXE QS, and a more detailed insight into what makes the LUXE QS your next must-have pod vape! 

Just with the eyes, we can see that the VAPORESSO LUXE QS POD KIT offers us a shiny new upgrade from the original VAPORESSO LUXE Q POD KIT, with a new holographic exterior in four striking colours! Don’t be fooled by its extravagant appearance, as the LUXE QS POD KIT still maintains much of the genius simplicity seen with its predecessor! Unsurprisingly, these devices share many similarities with one another including a large 1000 mAh battery capacity, auto-draw activation and adjustable airflow design. But with the release of the LUXE QS comes the new VAPORESSO LUXE 0.6 OHM Mesh Pods and 1.0 OHM Mesh Pods with new COREX heating technology. These new pods are a big upgrade to the LUXE lineup of products. This new COREX heating technology ensures consistent performance, flavour density, and longer usage until the end of the pods’ lifespan; all great qualities of a reliable pod vape.

Included in the box with the LUXE QS device is a TYPE-C cable, user manual and two of the new VAPORESSO LUXE Q replacement pods. Alike the original VAPORESSO LUXE Q Replacement Pods, these pods have easy snap-off caps for refilling, utilize the SSS-Leak Resistant technology signature to all VAPORESSO Pods and magnetically install into the device. These pods will offer a restrictive direct-lung vaping experience, versus the original 0.8 OHM and 1.2 OHM Mesh Replacement pods that are more mouth-to-lung and still compatible with the new LUXE QS device. Replacement pods for the VAPORESSO LUXE QS/LUXE Q come in packs of two pods, and cost just $8.49 per pack at your local NYX ECIGS.

The LUXE QS POD KIT offers two different airflow settings, with airflow cut-outs on the sides of the device. To change the airflow of the LUXE QS POD KIT, users can simply remove the pod, turn it around and reinstall the pod into the device for a looser or or restrictive pull. The VAPORESSO LUXE QS device is entirely draw-activated, with a built-in battery of 1000 mAh and battery indicator light built into the Vaporeso emblem on the body of the device. The colour of the light will change to indicate battery charge levels during usage: Green indicates a 100%-70% charge, Blue indicates 69%-30% charge, and Red indicates 29%-0%.

Overall, VAPORESSO has not missed the mark with the new LUXE QS POD KIT. The VAPORESSO LUXE QS POD KIT is offered for just $34.99 at your local NYX ECIGS STORE!

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