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Posted on 19 October 2022

smok nord 5 kit overview

The highly-anticipated SMOK NORD 5 POD KIT is here, joining the ranks as the newest generation of the popular SMOK NORD series! At face value, the SMOK NORD 5 appears similar to the many NORDs that came before it. But this blog will take a closer look at the SMOK NORD 5 and highlight what makes this release particularly unique!

Not unlike previous SMOK NORD releases, the SMOK NORD 5 POD KIT is an open pod system vape designed for easy on-the-go use. The kit includes the NORD 5 device, two replacement coils, a TYPE-C charging cable, and a user manual. The pod can be removed for coil replacement and refilling, and magnetically attaches to the base of the device. To sum up the maintenance for this device, it’s as easy as recharging the device, refilling the pod and replacing the coils as needed. But don’t be too quick to judge this vape by its simple appearance and compact size. The NORD 5 is a rival to its predecessors and we’ll tell you why! For starters, this pod kit is equipped with a sizable 2000mAh built-in battery and 5mL e-liquid capacity for longer usage in between recharges and refills. The NORD 5 also has an OLED screen built onto one side of the device with wattage adjustment buttons.


smok nord 5 kit overview

Compared to past NORD releases, the NORD 5 solely uses the new SMOK RPM3 coil series making a direct-to-lung pod vape. With the pre-installed 0.15 OHM SMOK RPM3 Coil that’s rated for use between 40-80 watts, the NORD 5 can operate at its full potential of 80 watts, unseen before in the SMOK NORD line up! Users may also vape their SMOK NORD 5 between 25-40 watts with the spare 0.23 OHM SMOK RPM3 Coil included with the kit. Though the 0.23 OHM RPM3 coils are rated for a lower wattage range, it is recommended that the SMOK NORD 5 is used with freebase nicotine e-liquids rather than salt nicotine e-liquids. This kit has not been released with a mouth-to-lung coil series just yet. 

Aside from the aforementioned features, the SMOK NORD 5 also has an adjustable airflow feature. This has been simplified to be more user-friendly than that of the SMOK NORD 4. On the back of the NORD 5 is an airflow slider that can be pushed towards the left to restrict airflow and towards the right side of the device to open the airflow. 

The SMOK NORD 5 pod kit is available in 12 colourways, with four designs in the leather finish, and eight designs in the regular finish. A notable difference between the regular and leather colourways is that the regular edition will have a 1.2 Amp charge rate, while the leather edition will have 1.5 Amp charge rate.

If you’ve been searching for a cloud-chucking pod mod, consider the SMOK NORD 5 Pod Kit, available for $42.99 at NYX ECIGS! Also find the SMOK RPM3 REPLACEMENT COILS (5 PACK) for $19.99 at NYX ECIGS.

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