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Posted on 22 September 2022


One of the newest open-pod systems from VOOPOO is the ARGUS POD KIT! The VOOPOO ARGUS POD device features a lightweight and compact design, constructed with refined zinc alloy and comfortable leather that feels nice in the hand. Aside from ergonomic qualities, the leather finish of the ARGUS POD device also provides users with a sense of luxury and conveys the premium quality of this product! 

Despite its small size, the VOOPOO ARGUS POD KIT will surprise you with its multitude of features. Just to name a few, this includes its auto-draw activation, adjustable airflow, adjustable wattage features and dual user-interface. The airflow control consists of a simple toggle switch on the front of the device that allows users to adjust how loose or restrictive their vape will hit. On the side of the device is an OLED screen and a multi-functional button for wattage adjustment and power on/off. The ARGUS Pod Kit has a dual interface consisting of a “Power Interface”, displaying wattage setting, battery charge level, and resistance of the installed pod. It additionally has a “Record Interface” which displays a puff-counter and puff timer. Users may change between either interface screen with one simple click of a button! 

To change the wattage setting for your ARGUS POD KIT, you must be on the “Power Interface” screen. From there, simply press and hold down on the button until the screen is blinking. Holding the button down as the screen is blinking will increase the wattage setting until it loops back to its minimum output power of 5 watts. Once you have selected your preferred wattage setting, you can wait a few seconds for the screen to stop blinking, or inhale from the mouthpiece of your device to set your wattage in place (make sure the pod is well saturated before doing so). 

Five clicks of the button will prompt a menu screen allowing the device to be locked, for the puff count to be cleared, or for the device to be powered off. To select your preferred action from this menu, press the button to cycle through the three options until the desired action is selected, then hold the button down to activate it. 

The VOOPOO ARGUS POD KIT includes the VOOPOO ARGUS POD device, one TYPE-C cable for charging, and two different VOOPOO ARGUS replacement pods. The device has an 800 mAh battery capacity and charges at a rate of 1A. Conveniently, the device displays a timer during charging indicating when full charge is achieved. The VOOPOO ARGUS replacement pods come in a 0.7 OHM resistance for a slightly stronger vape and a 1.2 OHM resistance for those preferring a more restrictive vape. The VOOPOO ARGUS replacement pods are refillable with 2mL e-liquid capacity, requiring no coil replacement for simple maintenance. Users can discard the entire pod and replace this with another when replacement is needed making maintenance of the ARGUS POD KIT simple and easy! 

Just when you thought the ARGUS POD KIT couldn’t get any more user-friendly; thanks to its unique GENE.AI 1.2 Chipset, the ARGUS POD Device is also able to automatically limit the wattage setting for your device based on the pod installed. The ARGUS POD will limit the wattage setting for the 0.7 OHM pod to a maximum of 18 watts and 12 watts for the 1.2 OHM replacement pod. This makes it impossible to set the wattage for your ARGUS POD device past the wattage setting that the pods are rated for, protecting them from accidental burn out. This feature is very similar to the “Smart Mode'' feature previously seen with past VOOPOO pod vape releases, such as the VOOPOO DRAG S Pod Kit. And because the ARGUS Pod Kit is activated by draw-only, the device cannot be activated by button-press in your bag or pocket, also preventing accidental burn out of pods.

The VOOPOO ARGUS replacement pods will magnetically insert into the VOOPOO ARGUS POD device and maintain full visibility when installed. This is a helpful feature that allows users to assess when the remaining e-liquid in their pod is low, and a refill is required. Additionally, the ARGUS replacement pods have a four-hole airflow design on the underside of the pods to provide users with a smoother vape than most other pod systems out there! They’re also made with a multi-layer seal to help prevent leaking as much as possible. 

In Canada, the VOOPOO ARGUS replacement pods will be CRC (Child Resistant Containers), designed with a child-resistant method for opening and refilling the pods. To open the ARGUS Replacement Pods for refill, start by locating the small latch on one side of the pod and pulling this latch down towards the bottom of the pod. Then hold the base of the pod and rotate this counterclockwise until the silicone covered fill-port is revealed. The silicone plug can be lifted to access the fillport.

Overall, we highly recommend the VOOPOO ARGUS POD KIT. It offers us a premium quality device with high-performing pods that deliver excellent flavour for an incredibly fair price of $35.99 at NYX ECIGS. The VOOPOO ARGUS REPLACEMENT PODS come in packs of three pods, and can be purchased for $13.99. Be sure to pick yours up at your favourite local vape store, NYX ECIGS.

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