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Posted on 07 July 2021

Aspire has always been a leader in the vape industry. From the release of the Aspire Nautilus series, to the Aspire Breeze and its predecessors, Aspire has cultivated an outstanding reputation amongst vape users for their quality and consistency. The latest release from Aspire is their new Tekno pod kit, a compact 30 watt device meant to cater to both sub-ohm and MTL vape styles. 

The Tekno pod kit is available in five colours, and the box contains everything you need to set up the device and get started. Here’s what you’ll find in the box.  

Contents inside the box

The first impression upon opening the box is that this is definitely a sturdy device. With a body made of durable zinc alloy, and an internal 1300mAh battery the device has a nice weight to it, and is the perfect size and shape to fit in the palm of your hand. The pods are held in place by two small magnets, and the device also features small support bars next to the magnets to prevent the pods from sliding around in it’s housing port. The pods themselves seem pretty durable as well, constructed out of thick plastic with minimal tinting, making it easy to keep an eye on your juice levels and avoid dry hits. Overall, the Tekno maintains the quality construction that Aspire is known for. 

Build Quality: 8/10

The design of the aspire Tekno kit is beautifully simplistic and easy to use. As previously mentioned the device is available in 5 colours to suit any style preference, and is small enough to fit discreaty in the hand or pocket of the user for effortless portability. The real highlights of this device though are found in the tech specifications. The Tekno kit offers an impressive number of safety features for a device of its size, including overheat protection and short-circuit protection. It’s 0.69” OLED screen is situated on the side of the device and clearly displays both the wattage, coil resistance, and remaining battery life. The button under the display screen is the wattage control, one click to go up one watt, or long press to fast scroll. Once you reach max wattage another press of the button makes the wattage round robin back to 1 watt. On the side of the device you’ll find the fire button, five fast clicks will power on or off the device, and three clicks takes you into the setting mode where you have the option to choose between draw activation (A mode), fire button activation (B mode), or both (AB mode). The controls on this device are so easy to use, and perfectly placed to provide easy button access while the device is in use. The pods are also impressive design-wise. They hold 3.5 ml of e-liquid for all day vaping, and feature a bottom push-to-fill valve for leak proof filling. The Tekno uses type-C charging and features both quick charging as well as through charging.  

Design: 8/10

The CRC pods available with the Canadian version of the Tekno kit come with non-removable coils from Aspire's famous BP coil line. Other versions of this kit are also available with a pod designed for removable AVP pro coils. Personally, I prefer the BP coils over the AVP coils, so Aspire’s decision to go with the BP coils for their non-removable coil pods was a good call in my book. The kit comes with both a 0.6 ohm pod and a 1.0 ohm pod to cater to both sub-ohm and MTL vape styles. The airflow on the side of the device is a bit small to offer a true direct to lung experience, but the way it feeds air up through the pod does a fantastic job of cooling the vapour, giving an even temperature experience from both coils. With that said, in a fully open position the air flow and mouth piece on this device are wide enough to create a satisfying restricted direct to lung hit. The flavour off both coils is exceptional, and really stays true to the flavour quality of aspires other BP coil devices. The only downfall for the vape quality is that the draw activation feature isn’t as sensitive as one might hope if they prefer draw activated devices. The fire button or AB mode are your best bet for getting a good hit every time. 

Vape Quality: 9/10

Overall the Aspire Tekno kit is a very solid device. It’s perfect for beginners, or people who are tired of messing around with the settings of larger pod devices. The Aspire Tekno is sleek, durable, and produces great flavour. Definitely recommend checking this one out.  

Overall Experience: 8.5/10



Press fill valve

Airflow control

Type-C charging

Pod stability

Fire mode options

Build quality


Flavour production

Through Charging

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