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Sub-Ohm Salt vs. Freebase

Posted on 29 May 2019

Sub-Ohm Salt vs. Freebase - NYX ECIGS

Greetings! This one is a typical topic that comes up for discussion quite a lot, so to clear the air I’m going to use the age-old method of simplifying to abolish the confusion. If you’ve read our blog on Salt vs. Freebase (which I highly suggest you read if you haven’t) then you’ll understand that the most blatant difference between them is their nicotine dosage! The drastic differences in nicotine levels when comparing the most common dosages of Freebase and Salt is what truly separates them to the common vaper. However, one uncommon difference that should hold precedence over the aforementioned is the various degrees of harshness at particular nicotine levels between Salt and Freebase.

One quality that gives Salt nicotine it’s reputation is it’s reportedly smoother and bearable throat hit at exceedingly high doses of nicotine compared to those of freebase. If you’ve read our previous blog then you’ll know that freebase offers quite a “kick” at low doses but becomes impractical if you’re attempting to vape 50mg. Here is where Salt nicotine is advantageous to you because the composition of the nicotine allows you to vape at 50mg without tearing your throat apart.

One of the most intriguing things about the two is that the most apparent difference, the amount of nicotine, is inconsequential; each of the two, Salt nicotine and Freebase, may appear to have massive differences in their nicotine intake but their application compensates for the difference. Freebase typically has quite a low dose of nicotine, so intuitively you would vaporize it frequently at a higher wattage setting (more vapor) which achieves bioavailability. In contrast, Salt nicotine has a high dose of nicotine, and in order to achieve adequate bioavailability, it is intuitively vaporized a low wattage (less vapor). Simply put, in order to compensate, Freebase has low nicotine but more vapor allowing you vape frequently and Salts have higher nicotine but less vapor which you would typically vape less often. If the amount of nicotine could be measured per square inch of vapor then the amount of nicotine ingested would be relatively the same, given that you would vape Freebase aggressively and Salts only to satisfaction.

With this in mind, after determining what nicotine amount you want, your primary concern should be with how aggressively or smoothy it hits (the experience provided by Salt or Freebase). However, Salt nicotine is set at incredibly high doses, preventing you from vaporizing it at higher wattages without the potential risk of nicotine poisoning. Also, even though Salt nicotine’s composition provides a smoother throat hit, inhaling a tremendous amount of vapor containing a large concentration of nicotine will cause a lot of discomfort indefinitely.

So what if I want that same experience from Salt Nicotine but want lower dosages and to chuck those highly coveted massive plumes of vapor?

That was what I was getting to and what this whole blog is about before you so rudely interrupted… But thanks for asking.

Sub-Ohm Salt is the answer! This is essentially low dosage Salts, allowing you to vaporize at the “Sub-Ohm level”. A lot of people think that Salts MUST be vaporized at low temperatures due to some fallacy that it’ll ruin your device or some ridiculous notion. In reality, it’s vaped at those lower temperatures due to the nature of Salts: It’s far thicker so it takes time to wick, and you don’t want to get nicotine poisoning. Other than that, they vaporize EXACTLY the same as freebase. Sub-Ohm Salts get by all these restrictions unlike Freebase where you are subjected to its throat hit due to its purity.

If you’re in the house for that delicious ripping of plumes, getting a modest dose of nicotine, and an escape from any harshness, then the concept of Sub-Ohm Salts should be the best news you’ve received today about vaping!

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