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Posted on 23 September 2019

trends : what to follow vape eliquid ejuice hardware


            Hey! Been a while! Today let’s talk about trends. There’s a lot to follow, and to many people the prospects of hoping onto a bandwagon don’t justify the opportunity cost. Thankfully for you, that’s not always the case! There’s a lot of products out there in the market that are worth the time and money to invest, it just takes a little bit of clairvoyance to discern so.

            If you’re a long-time comer to NYX ECIGs, then you know how we do our best in following worth it winners. Luckily for you, you don’t have to sift through the years of learning and products that have been released, let alone the ones that came out this year!

            A recent development currently in the vape world is how pod systems are taking the world by storm. Their portability, how stealthy they are, how adept they are utilizing salt nicotine, as well as their affordability makes them such a strong movement as of late. However, this doesn’t mean that bigger mods are out of their place! Each respectively solves different (and overlapping) issues. In fact, when we look at vaping, we should look at it as an investment rather than a quick fix. Quitting smoking can be insanely difficult and having something that is robust enough to stand the test of time and give you the quality vaping experience every single time is not to be underestimated or neglected for convenience. Always remember that in the vaping world (for the most part) you get what you pay for! People have preferences and just because pods are becoming extremely popular, that doesn’t delegate mods to the side. That being said, I will show the worth it winners that I think you should take a look at.

 smok rpm40 starter kit nyx ecigs vape canada toronto ontario free shipping

SMOK – RPM: Real Pod Mod System

            A newcomer to our shores, the RPM is definitely an all star. Somewhere falling between a true Pod System and pushing the boundaries (into sub-ohm area) of what a pod system can do.

            There are so many pods that do the same thing and so quite often it can be hard to discern what is worth to follow. One thing that this breaks the barrier with is it’s a pod that can adjust its power, yet still offer any range of deep MTL to reaching upwards to Sub-Ohm.  One thing that people have an issue understanding is originality doesn’t always yield value. Something that is unique doesn’t necessarily mean it will have value to anyone en masse. However, the qualities that this unique pod offers do offer an experience that many people want.

            It’s been out for a short amount of time and people are falling in love with the vapor production whilst low enough in overall power to utilize Salt Nicotine EFFECTIVELY.

 uwell crown 4 starter kit nyx ecigs vape canada toronto ontario free shipping

UWELL – Crown 4 Kit

            Trends are interesting in that they are essentially a test to see if it’s something more than just hype. This is not necessarily something that is “trending”, rather a device that lived past the trend and gained mainstay in the vaping market. One setup (that’s not a pod system, clearly!) that has stood the test of time and has maintained its place in the vaping world is the Crown 4 Checkmate. Aside from its beautiful design, it also has an innovative tank that keeps up the Crown legacy for one of the best tanks. The mod is also a powerhouse, giving you that flexibility to reach the accuracy and power demands that rebuildables offer as well. Novelty, cool features, and interesting designs are great, but consistency, durability, efficient sizing, power, long battery life, and most flavor are what people care about in the end. The Crown 4 Checkmate will undoubtedly give you all of those at a high mark without sacrificing simplicity. In fact, the Crown 4 Checkmate is barebones in design, in regard to the UI. I understand that that novelties are great but having something that simply delivers is what keeps you. If you’re looking to pick up a Dual Battery setup but don’t know what to get, the Crown 4 Checkmate should be your standard.

 smok novo 2 starter kit nyx ecigs vape canada toronto ontario free shipping


            SMOK is here to stay, delivering an entry point, as well as guiding the market with a steady curve in the market. One of the very few companies that you will find in EVERY SINGLE VAPE STORE in the world.

            If you know about pod systems, you will know about the Novo. The Novo 2 is simply nothing but improvements and solutions to the previous generation. With a stunning and refreshing look with same nostalgia form factor, the Novo 2 offers new and improved pods and coils, and most importantly, a far bigger and powerful battery. It goes without saying that the gold standard for pod systems is a Caliburn for 2019, but the Novo 2 really puts pressure on what should be.

            A trend that I would follow up on, the Novo 2 offering INSANE flavor and battery life (that which exceeds even a Caliburn). If you have a Novo and are thinking about an upgrade, this would be the one.

 aspire breeze nxt starter kit nyx ecigs canada vape ejuice eliquid free shipping canada ontario toronto


            If there’s one pillar that holds up the pod system culture, it would be the Breeze. An icon, if you will, the Breeze NXT holds up the mantle for the best Breeze unit currently. All previous iterations (including the Nautilus AIO) hold no candle to the flavor production and the complexity of the hit that the Breeze NXT offers. INTENSE hit draw activated OR fire button activated, lots of room for juice, unique coils, and stunning look and design, the Breeze NXT is a definite upgrade to everything we knew about the Breeze series (including the Nautilus AIO).

            The Breeze NXT is definitely a contender for vapers everywhere looking to hop on the pod system bandwagon propelling forward into the remainder of 2019, all the way into 2020. One thing that I really appreciate about the device is how the hit is exceptional. The tightness delivers! The efficiency of the device makes juice last longer, lower doses of nicotine feel harsher which makes quitting or lowering your dosage much easier.

            It’s gets harder month after month when companies put out devices quite similar to each other, but one thing you can rely on (and how you should judge the quality of a device) is the performance and not the novelty and uniqueness of a device. The Breeze line has always been something many people go to because they are affordable, high quality, and reliable. The Breeze NXT is no exception. This is one trending device for pod systems that I would consider hoping on if you’re looking for one.

 vandy vape swell starter kit nyx ecigs canada vape ejuice eliquid free shipping canada ontario toronto          


            A contender for one of the best performing mods at its price point, the Swell not only rides on Vandy Vapes reputation but backs it up as well. In the vaping world, performance is more or less translated to accuracy. The closer to the actual real-life wattage and presumed performance the better the device, and as we all know, the more performance, the bigger the price. This is why incredibly hard-hitting devices (at exceptional speeds no less) like the Drag are written down in vaping history as some of the best mods at or around $100 of all time; they hit harder than other mods at the same designated wattage.

            Observing power charts, the Swell overperforms in all cases against any mod at or under its price point. We at NYX ECIGS have been waiting for a mod that could contest and overthrow the Drag and sit on the throne for the best mod. The only downside would be that the Drag can be purchased separately, as opposed to the Swell that comes as a kit. However, looking at the value by purely numbers doesn’t justify that rationale. Mind you, this is below those higher end $200+ mods!

            Not only does the Swell give exceptional performance (especially in today’s standards), but offers an incredible, intuitive, and concise interface with all the features required to meet certain standards at it’s price point. Its also incredibly liquid resistant (NOT LIQUID PROOF) and has a Bluetooth app! Pretty cool novelty if you ask me!

            If you’re looking for a mod that gives you that performance, something that outshines all other STELLAR MODS, the Swell is what you’re looking for.

lost vape orion plus dna starter kit nyx ecigs canada vape ejuice eliquid free shipping canada ontario toronto 


            As with the rise of Pod Systems, it would be a disservice to you if I did not mention “luxury” Pod Systems. The Orion, known for the DNA GO and the Orion Q, has now been updated, improved upon, and polished with new designs. The Orion Plus DNA is definitely a luxury Pod, priced upwards and for good reason. This pod covers everything that previous iterations offered and going so far as to include an interchangeable coil system with the pods. It also includes a DNA Chipset, hailed as the greatest chipset known to date, boasting 5 adjustable power options, a massive battery, and offers the flexibility of using older but beloved pods from the DNA GO. If you’re looking to pick up something that screams luxury, then the Orion DNA Plus is your go to.

smok morph starter kit nyx ecigs canada vape ejuice eliquid free shipping canada ontario toronto

SMOK – Morph 219 Kit

            SMOK really changed the game many years back with their dual battery mod Alien, providing exceptional power, speed, and beautiful design. In 2019, SMOK released the Morph, a different but valuable design of a mod compared to their previous designs. Even the tank has a different build design than previous tanks!

            A completely new and revamped intuitive interface, the Morph gives a new and rather easy experience compared to previous mods. Everything is laid out for you in a way that doesn’t require a guide. One of the things that made other mods a bit complicated was that certain things didn’t make sense or it was difficult to navigate. The Morph takes the plethora of options and features available into an easy-to-use UI. From locking, to adjusting various settings, to even looking at, the Morph does all of this VERY WELL. It’s touch screen as well which eliminates button jamming (use of buttons in general), making the feel of the mod a bit more luxurious.

            Nowadays, there’s a lot of fluff included into mods as selling points but as a veteran vaper, I’m more concerned with the performance and intuitive ease of use that comes with that power. The Morph hit’s all those notes and has some features that are JUST features, not the focal point of the mod.

            One of the best mods to hop on if you’re a beginner, the Morph by SMOK is an insane kit.

voopoo alpha zip starter kit nyx ecigs canada vape ejuice eliquid free shipping canada ontario toronto 


            Last, but certainly not least, a service to any and all who know about box mods, VOOPOOs latest heavy metal design, the Alpha ZIP. Known for their INCREDIBLE durability as well as the famed GENE chip, the Alpha ZIP is definitely on the higher end of starter kits that we carry that is within the realm of affordability. Looking at a few years back, the best mod you could purchase under $100 was a DRAG in terms of performance. A step up above that would be reaching the $200 zone for a DNA Chipset mod.

            That, my friends, is EXTREME value.

            As a connoisseur for performance, I make it my prerogative to insure all mods that I use or recommend to anyone is a powerhouse. The Alpha ZIP lives up to the legacy that the Drag started. I do have to say that the work and artistry on the design of the mod is incredibly impeccable. Even the quality of the build is a tad notch better than the Drag 2 in particular. They’ve moved away from the Resin panels (on the Alpha they chose to put the design on both sides which I can appreciate) for something refreshing and I can appreciate that as well.

            I dare say, definite upgrade to previous box mods they’ve released, the Alpha ZIP is definitely a kit worth looking into.


            All in all, I look with high hopes towards the future development of devices coming out. So much notable improvement over the last year or so on devices, both Pod Systems and Box Mods, that I’m happy to say and stand behind them. Nothing here is trying to reinvent the wheel, which I appreciate so much more then trying to. Building upon and refining that which is tried and true is much more valuable than anything else, and that’s something that everyone should be looking out for when trying to gauge the value of trends.

I hope these devices helped a lot in deciding what you should get! Happy vaping!


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