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The Truth about Vaping

Posted on 03 January 2020

The lifeline to any prospering community is the unification of its people. We often think the big swings are what determine the momentum and direction of anything that we love. But those moments are far and few between. In reality, the outcome is a conglomerate of efforts of everyone that believes in whatever they’re fighting for.

Vaping has taken a huge turn for the worst right now, with several bans and restrictions across the globe. The most pressing issue is that a large amount of “the people” truly believe that this is best. I mean, nicotine based E-Juice vaping is killing people right?

This whole debacle was caused by illicit THC Cartridges that contain a component called Vitamin E Acetate sold on the black market. While vaping THC oils is nothing new, the addition of Vitamin E Acetate is. In Layman’s terms, Vitamin E Acetate is an oil, which cannot be broken down and absorbed by the human lungs. In fact, the build up of this oil will simply create a layer within your lungs leaving you with severe inflammation. The consumption of these black market products has caused a widespread epidemic, leaving hundreds with adverse health effects and even deaths across the U.S.. 

The aftermath of this horrendous event has lead to nicotine based vaping taking a massive hit. Many anti-vaping communities, Tobacco companies, health ministries, as well as governments are taking this as an opportunity to get rid of vaping. Irrefutable proof of manipulating the media via leaving lots of valuable information out, painting the picture that vaping was the cause of all these deaths and illnesses, and pushing for heavy banning and restrictions without a detailed presentation as to why.

Let me put this into perspective here:

In the decade or so that vaping has existed, there has not been any severe cases of typical use of vaping. In fact, there have been MILLIONS of people that have switched to smoking, saving millions of lives. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for 480,000+ deaths (41,000+ deaths from second-hand) in the U.S. PER year. The frightening part of all this is that this number is dwarfed by the total number of deaths in the WORLD caused by smoking. Consider that the U.S. isn’t even part of the leading countries for most amount of smokers. This is just in a year. Imagine a decade!

Amidst all this chaos, truth will prevail! There have been a surge of articles that have surfaced, and they share the good word. If you’ve been following our instagram then you’ll know that we’ve been spreading awareness of the truth. There have been a lot of articles addressing the concerns with the “lumping” of illicit THC cartridges and nicotine vaping, and how we need to educate ourselves with what’s truly the cause of this horrible mass spread illnesses and deaths. 

Recently the CDC has revealed that these cases of respiratory illnesses, or EVALI as they say (E-cigarette or Vaping product Associated Lung Injury), don’t have any relation to nicotine e-juice based vaping at all. In fact, a lot of experts that have been advocates for the separation of legal and illegal vaping. And while this lack of specification has negatively impacted the vaping community as well as potentially jeopardize the health of millions, it’s a good thing that there’s finally some leg room to work with.

After roughly 6 months of rough criticisms and extreme measures against the vaping community, we finally have irrefutable evidence to support our end of the story.

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