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In Canada the electronic cigarette has been available for a while now. It offers a great alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes which have tobacco. Most of these cigarettes look quite similar to the traditional ones and may even be mistaken as being one of them however the major difference is on the inside. Instead of tobacco, they have a mechanism which allows for the heating of liquid, which converts into vapor that is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker. Many satisfied users have praised the e-cigarette as having several advantages when compared to the traditional cigarette.

You can buy e-cigarettes online from online shops that are dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy a flawless transition from tobacco cigarettes to a smoke-free alternative. A quality internet store will also be happy to provide you with user guides so that you know exactly how to operate the hardware. You can also expect to purchase the liquid and hardware from the said store. A quality store will carry more than twenty flavors to ensure that you have variety. Some of the flavors include menthol and tobacco and if your tastes are more sophisticated, you can enjoy gourmet flavors as well.

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